Green Taliban thinks laws are optional as long as it is for a good cause


As we’ve seen with the Sea Shepherd and Lucy Lawless’ hi-jinx, and Green Taliban defacing election signage, if you believe your ideas are righteous enough, then laws can be broken.  But the community at large is over it.

Preparations for a youth demonstration in Nelson tomorrow which involved chalk messages around city streets and the Church Steps are to be removed by city council contractors after complaints by the public.  

A large group of young Nelsonians is expected to take over several parking spaces on Trafalgar St tomorrow to demonstrate that local and national solutions to climate change exist.

The event is part a week-long, nationwide launch of the “100% Possible” campaign which aims to spread the message that moving New Zealand beyond fossil fuels is 100 per cent achievable. The event is being coordinated by climate change groups 350 Aotearoa and Generation Zero.

Generation Zero Nelson coordinator Rachel Ward said the messages, including a large “100%” on the Church Steps were temporarily written in chalk, which washed off with water.

Ms Ward said the group organising the demonstration did not seek permission to write the messages as writing in chalk was thought to be a permitted activity.

That’s right, drawing chalk all over public property is legal because it washes off with water.  The fact Nelson hasn’t seen decent rain for months and is close to drought conditions is just a convenient aside.

And of course, painting on public property is legal because it washes off with turps.

City council network services executive manager Alec Louverdis said the council had started receiving complaints soon after the messages began appearing today, particularly in relation to the sign on the Church Steps which people thought had been done in paint.

“We have asked our contractors to remove the messages and we will be looking at recovering costs from the people who put them there.”

Mr Louverdis said he had not been aware of what the messages related to, but that did not change the fact they had to be removed. He said the writing constituted graffiti.

Public is upset.  Public will have to pay public money to get it all cleaned up.

But that’s OK you know, because it’s all for a good cause.


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  • “A large group of young Nelsonians”

    When is the rest of NZ going to wake up and stop these disgusting extreme left zealots from brainwashing our youth?

    Get environmental propaganda out of the education system.

    • Going against the environmental propaganda is as close to social suicide as you can get. It is amazing how many people uncritically accept things without thinking them through first…

  • redeye

    A large group of Nelsonians is around 8 of them. Especially if it’s the Nelson Mail reporting it.

  • Patrick

    About time they were held to account for their vandalism, the Waihope vandals should have been made to pay true reparation costs, Lawless should have been sued for disrupting the harbour & shipping activities & this lot should be made to pay the costs of cleaning up after them. Nothing will change until these activists are held to account.

  • Michael

    Yes, we see Green MPs welcoming Tama Iti on his release from prison. He was just going to (can’t publish it as it is supressed by the courts but the affidavit contents are widely known) but it was a “good cause” because if successful it would have installed a Green Tailban type regime. (You know, Hammer and Sickle stuff)

  • Troy

    The toxic greens are as irrelavant as they are stupid and even tho they are looking forward with relish to the treasury benches the public, if they’ve got any smarts, will not support them next election. Russel Norman isn’t as smart as he portrays and as for Turei… that supercilious bitch needs a good fuck as every time she gets up to speak in the chamber its all fucking doom and gloom. I watch the party voting in parliament and I can’t remember any moving forward initiative put up by the govt being supported by the toxics. They vote against everything – everything, just for the sake of it – well the dumbasses forget that its all on the record.

    • Phar Lap

      I watched a clown on Seven Sharp saying Mcgillycuddy Joker Turei was sexy.WTF.

      • Patrick

        sad loser probably sits at home dialed into www porn with a box of tissues

  • I wonder if Rachel Ward is in any way related to ex Green MP Mike Ward?

  • peterwn

    “Green Taliban thinks laws are optional as long as it is for a good cause” – seems to include unlawful possession of firearms – I would have thought that the Greens would have supported firearms control – but for Tama Iti.

    Just as prospective gang members need to hold up a bank, steal a car, etc, prospective Green Taliban members probably have to organise a demo and successfully bullshit the attendance figures.

  • Andy

    Activists in the UK are up for $5 million in costs after shutting down and EDF power station for several days. This will probably bankrupt most of them. However, as James Delingpole points, this is double-edged as EDF is an odious organisation involved in the international fraud known as wind energy.

  • Hazards001

    When I was at school the teachers had most kids in fits of terror over nuclear proliferation and 1st strike bullshit with most of the blame for it laid squarely at Western Democracy and the USA in particular.

    As a result of that load of complete twaddle we ruined our military alliances and eliminated any possibility of having cheap environmentally friendly power generation for the long term future. At least until someone in Parliament grows some stones…not holding my breath.

    Today they are doing the exact same thing to young minds with the human affected global warming bullshit they spout.
    The climates always has..but the schools that are so closely related to the left and to the melons are happy to spout their economic sabotage in the interests of lining their own pockets.

    There are kids out there now that genuinely believe the chicken little bullshit that has been rammed down their throats by these duplicitous bastards.

  • ConwayCaptain

    ONE TERMor Liebour/Green coalition and thats it they will be Out for generations

  • cows4me

    Kids will protest, they always have it’s part of finding your way in the world. We are all going to save the world when young, to stupid to realise it’s like pushing shit up hill with a very Sharpe stick. When reality, old age and a few more brain cells set in most realise that it’s easier to flow with the current, not that I’m saying the current is always flowing the right way. Anyhow I would assume most will one day realise what dicks they were and of course some will never grow up. The trouble today is that the community has no real control of what it’s younger citizens get up to. In our day if we played up we were in the shit from the whole community, this right of correcting the young has been taken from us by increasingly progressive governments. I for one prefer to the older methods, sadly most now have to apply to the state to solve issues that are really none of the states business.