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James Deen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Guest Post submitted via the tipline, the author’s name has been withheld by request:

I am a mother, wife and business manager. I won’t name myself here as I do not want my name matched to a google search on the topic of this post.

Last week Stuff repeated an glamified article on porn exploiter James Deen speaking at a University in the US under the headline: “Is this Porn Star Dangerous?

Stuff (and any newspaper they published it in) are a disgrace for two reasons – they clearly did no research and YES he is dangerous. Why? Because, by his own admission, he is prepared to assault/torture damaged women for money.

A small amount of research will turn up a particular style of video this man does. It is actions not to different from what Michael Edward Farley has been arrested for in Canada. In one particular piece of “art” (his words – he compares himself to Warhol) he berates a 45kg woman for not paying him money she owes. To get his money’s worth out of her he systematically slaps her many times (about the head and various parts of her body), drags her around rooms by the hair, electrocutes her vagina, penetrates her many times despite her saying NO! (also many times), hits her frequently with an object, strangles her, causes her to vomit, etc and ad nauseum . In another he simulates a bondage rape – with a child like girl who must way all of 40kg. I stopped searching at that point (who would be a film censor?) 

Not that I even think consent is relevant for something like this (in NZ a woman cannot consent to criminal assault – even in her home – we have worked hard at that) but people with mental issues are often considered not to have the legal capacity to consent and Deen admits these women are often “damaged” but if he can earn a buck – why not?

This is a person that a reporter and editor at Stuff described as “intelligent and charming”.

As an aside Deen was also a protester against porn actors being required to wear condoms. His reasoning – they are too small and don’t last a four hour session (would have thought an “intelligent” person would have thought to change after a time). As for the condoms being too small – maybe he has got an inflated personal perspective from working with tiny women that he can physically intimidate. He is not a big man a clearly has to choose carefully who he “works” with.

Deen is dangerous to the women he works with and as an example to society. The last thing I want as a woman (or for my daughter) is for any man to consider that assaulting/torturing a female for his own pleasure is even close to OKAY.

Stuff need to take down the article, apologise and review their processes (at least). Maybe they could send their staff along to this –


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  • James Gray

    There we go with the damaged woman stereotype again… more of the us and them politics of the crypto-conservative left.

    I also take exception to your broad application of diminished mental capacity. It is dangerous to apply this more than necessary, and normally only applies in cases of psychosis or major depression, where severe harm is involved. It is wrong to deprive an adult of their autonomy, just because this situation is kind of a little bit similar to that situation.

  • unsol

    Typical of Stuff – why allow facts to get in the way of bullshit.

    I have never heard of this guy – I consider porn to be degrading to all involved & consider any sexual stimulus gained from looking at other people as cheating.

    So naturally I find it extremely worrying that so many young girls are now his fans, that they think rape & torture is OK if committed by someone who is “intelligent & charming”, that they are posting comments on his blogs or whatever about how they want to have sex with him.


    But good parents, good diligent approachable parents will have had these (age appropriate!!!) conversations with their children for years, so by the time they get to 16 or so then they should be able to recognise the difference between good sex & abuse.

    Hmmm, I wonder what the BDSM community say about him?

    And I wonder if he will be the lead guy in the 50 Shades of Abuse movie – with Lindsay Lohan as his co-star?

    • Hazards001

      I’ve never heard of the little sicko either nor did I see the article and I’m not going too. However you make some reveling points.

      Gay sex is ok as that falls within your parameters (because you have a dog in that fight don’t you?) but porn isn’t? Interesting. So you are the judge of morality now?
      Is BDSM ok if the participants are willing or are you saying you’d prefer to think for them as well?

      You are seriously starting to sound like one of those woman bleaters that pisses on that every 2nd woman has been abused by someone.
      I guess I must meet every first one?

      And what is 50 shades of grey and who is Lindsay Lohan and why would he be so great in the movie? (If you can’t be assed answering that it’s cool cos I don’t really give a toss who so called famous people are. If I did give a toss I’d know!)

      • unsol

        2 men or 2 women having consensual sex is not even in the same perimeters as sexual abuse, rape & torture.

        Making such a claim is a blight on any good character you claim to have.

        Since you ask, 1 in 4 girls & 1 in 6-10 boys are sexually abused and/or raped by the time they are 16. This data is widely publicized via MSD social reports, MOH & groups like Men’s Survivors of Sexual Abuse, Jigsaw Family Services & Rape Crisis.

        Even though you are clearly very ignorant on this matter, to reference this issue in such a disparaging way shows that you are part of the problem not the solution.

        Men who speak about any sexual crimes flippantly indicate a lack of moral character as they automatically appear to side with the perpetrators.

        Not really a good look.

        50 shades of grey is a popular trilogy many women like reading. It has been widely public used, critiqued & blogged about.

        Lindsay Lohan is an apparently troubled actress that starred in a mainstream film with this guy. She features in the news the other day. I watch the news.

        • Hazards001


          • unsol

            Prove it dickhead; calling bullshit means squat if you can’t quantify it! Problem is you can’t, but hey why let small matters like substantiated points get in the way of your delusions of grandeur!!!

          • Hazards001

            Listen cunt! I’ve spent fucking years watching men destroyed by bitches like you so go fuck yourself!

            I can fucking prove it you piece of shit!

            More men are destroyed in this fucking cunt ry every week by lying cunts like you that KNOW all they have to do is call the cops and make a claim and that guy’s life is OVER!

            I’ve met these so called abused tarts of yours and fuck me dead…when push comes to shove without exception every single one turned out to be a pisshead and/or a druggie and they were all attention seekers!

            But in the process they destroyed someones life.

            I don’t need to go trawling for statistics, I’ve seen it first hand!

            Just like I know that more married women cheat on their husbands than vice versa you man hating cunt!

          • unsol

            Feck off half wit; statistics don’t lie.

            And calling me a cunt proves my case & point; men like you are part of the problem not a solution.

            Lying is hardly the same as men – most of which are heterosexual – raping, beating, abusing & molesting women & children.

            Pull your head in. Idiot.

            As for the cheating claim – yes women do cheat, especially if they find they have the misfortune of being married to an ignorant, arrogant & delusional fuck wit.

            But that doesn’t change the fact that men make-up the majority of the cheaters.

            You only have to look at the DPB figures of women who have been left with the kids & mortgage while hubby pisses off with the secretary.

            But ignorance is bliss eh.

    • Ururoa

      Unsol, the BDSM community are about as far away from this guy’s attitudes as the black hole at the center of the universe is from earth.

      Note he has been doing strictly hetero sex; so why don’t you ask the hetero community what they think of his performances (and yes, that is what they are, performances)?

      BDSM has absolutely nothing to do with his work, and few BDSM practitioners would ever think of consuming his product. If you do your research, you will find it is predominantly straight vanilla practitioners that consume this kind of porn. Much the same as it is predominantly straight vanilla practitioners that end up before the courts as kiddy fiddlers, both hetero and homo (teachers, priests, respected uncles and aunties etc.). Don’t seem to recall many who are part of the BDSM lifestyle being accused of such heinous crimes?

      Might pay to check your prejudices at the keyboard when you open your laptop next time.

      • unsol

        Interesting you come in to defend BDSM!

        If you go back & re-read my post you will see that I said

        “Hmmm, I wonder what the BDSM community say about him?”

        GIven I equated what this guy does to abuse it would be have been reasonable to assume that I would think that they would not be any more impressed with this idiot than they would be with El James depiction of their community in her tripe.

        Good to read comments properly before making an ass of yourself eh.

  • BJ

    He obviously has a pea for a brain. I’m sure it won’t end well for him.

  • I remember reading this article and one thing that stood out for me was this…. he said he had wanted to be a Porn star since he was about 4 years old. The fact that he knew about Pornography at that age and was obsessed with it at such a young age made me feel ill. What kind of upbringing must he have had? When the so caqlled journalist described him as charming etc I was …say what? This guy is SICK SICK SICK.