Guildford to return to rugby after turning down Black Caps Contract

His compelling form for getting drunk and making a c*nt of himself means he was on the New Zealand Cricket radar. Instead he appears to have turned down a cricket contract in favour of paying rugby again.

Zac Guildford has been cleared to play for his Hawke’s Bay rugby club Napier Tech this weekend but a decision is yet to be made on his Crusaders future.

Guildford agreed to withdraw from the Crusaders indefinitely in January after a recent alcohol-related incident in which he allegedly assaulted a party-goer in Christchurch. It was the latest in a series of misdemeanours involving alcohol and he underwent an intensive treatment programme and an NZRU statement said he has now committed to a continuing care plan. 

“We have been advised that Zac has completed an initial programme and we have received professional advice that he is able to return to rugby and attend the misconduct process,” NZRU general manager professional rugby Neil Sorensen said. “We will be meeting with Zac early next week to address the outstanding misconduct allegations but, in order to ensure that the process is fair to him, it is not appropriate to comment further, pending the outcome of that process.”


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  • Gazzaw

    As someone with a good working knowledge of alcohol addiction I’m concerned about Zac’s early return to football. I would have no concerns if his profession was in a ‘normal’ environment but the pressures, heavy socialising, booze and too much dosh will I fear be too much for Zac to cope with. Successful rehab just doesn’t happen in a few months and just one drink will put him back right where he started. I hope like hell that I’m wrong and I hope like hell that the media will stay away (they won’t for obvious reasons) and I hope that his mates are true friends and support him every inch of the way.

    He’s a good kid and a great footballer and I hope that the consensus here is to give him one more go. Zac has an incurable disease – one that affects one in ten consumers of alcohol in NZ. A surprising stat, remember that when you look around the room at the next function you attend. Might even pay to take the 30 day test yourself before condemning Zac out of hand. If you can’t manage 30 days without alcohol then you probably have a problem Houston.

    • Morrissey

      Nicely said, Gazzaw.

    • Patrick

      Gazzaw – I don’t disagree with anything you say here but is Guildford an alcoholic? Or is he just like thousands of other Kiwis that get pissed & make dicks of themselves, fighting & crashing cars etc.

      From my point of view it is easy to use “I am an alcoholic” for the excuse when you are unable to control your behaviour while under the influence.
      When I was starting out drinking it was ingrained in me that although it was ok to drink all day it was not ok to be seen to be drunk, these days it is a badge of honour to be rolling around the floor acting like a twat.

      • Gazzaw

        It’s a tough call Patrick but the odds are that he has a major problem. Whether he’s alcohol dependent or alcohol abusive he has to beat it one way or the other or forget about pro football. Aside from the drunken episodes the physical downsides of constant alcohol intake just do not allow for the fitness requirements of top level rugby. Additionally reflexes slow down. The next few weeks are crucial.

  • Jack The Ladd

    Time to spell check the banner.

    • Callum

      Thats gold.

  • williamabong

    Another case of the “Cowan Syndrome” too much money, too little brain, and an ego on steroids.
    Perhaps if the NZRFU adopted a zero tolerance for these little smartarses and chucked a couple under the bus the rest may sharpen up a bit.
    The downstream effect of these little twats running wild is the role model for youth, and we wonder why we have a problem.

  • kehua

    Let him be a drunk, there are plenty of other young players who with the same elite coaching can be just as useful as Guildford, for Christs sake he is a grown man, stop treating him like a fucked up 13 year old. Get a grip or get out Zac!