Gun hysteria results in death. Of common sense


Josh Welsh – via

I’d write “only in America”, but the sad thing is that this isn’t an isolated incident.  Basically, kids are being used to make a political point

A 7-year-old Maryland boy has been suspended from school after biting his breakfast pastry into a shape that his teacher thought looked like a gun.

Josh Welch, a second-grader at Park Elementary School in Baltimore, said he was trying to nibble his strawberry Pop Tart into a mountain.

“It was already a rectangle and I just kept on biting it and biting it and tore off the top and it kinda looked like a gun but it wasn’t,” Josh said. “All I was trying to do was turn it into a mountain but it didn’t look like a mountain really and it turned out to be a gun kinda.”

When I got to this point of the article, I was looking at the web site, and around the page, to see if this was a piece of satire.


But when his teacher saw what he had done, the boy says she got “pretty mad” and he knew he was “in big trouble.”

Josh’s dad was called by the school and informed that his son had been suspended for two days.

“I asked if was any one was hurt, they said ‘No’,” B.J. Welch said. “I would almost call it insanity. I mean with all the potential issues that could be dealt with at school — real threats, bullies, whatever the issue is. It’s a pastry.”

The school sent home a letter with every student informing parents that: “A student used food to make an inappropriate gesture.”

Who are these teachers and school administrators?

Why isn’t anyone telling them to stop acting like fools?


Source: NewsNet 5


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  • Bunswalla

    And more to the point, what the hell are they doing letting kids eat poisonous gelatinous slop like pop tarts for breakfast?

    • In Vino Veritas

      Yup Buns, they suspend a kid for eating a “pastry” into a shape that may or may not have resembled a gun, and then get to keep their jobs for allowing the kid to kill himself slowly. Where’s Jamie Oliver when you need him?

      The word pastry is used loosely, given the thing is 30% sugar and 10% fat.

      • Bunswalla

        Indeed IVV, and not to mention that the contents are highly refined and processed and contain less nutritional value than the cardboard box they come in. But hey, they taste great, right?

      • Mr_Blobby

        It wasn’t a gun it was an inappropriate gesture.

  • maninblack


  • surfisup


    My 2 boys make awesome lego guns. Double barrelled, triple, with laser attachments too.

    Kids love guns, cowboys & indians type stuff. It’s all fantasy.

    But, in no way is this an indicator that they’ll grow up and shoot someone in real life.

    • Bunswalla

      OMG – cowboys and indians? The liberal taliban will come down on you like a ton of bricks for daring to perpetuate the paternalistic culturo-genocidal ethnic discriminatory and racist stereotypes blah blah blah. Go and stand in the corner at once!

      • Mr_Blobby

        Your right in NZ the 1840 NZ land wars were bad and the 1820 musket wars were good.

  • cows4me

    “Who are these teachers and school administrators” . First and foremost the vast proportion of educators are of the liberal disease. Liberals are born with a pathological fear of weapons and believe if the world could be rid of all guns we would all instantly become peaceful, hold hands and dance in fields of white daisies. At the present point in time their God Obummer is running things and he hates guns as much as these retards. How better to show ones support for ones idol then to persecute anyone that would care to utter or dream of guns.

    • unsol

      “Obummer” :)

  • unsol

    Good grief. I am no fan of America’s very loose gun laws, but this is silly.

    The other day our daughter came home with a pinecone she liked because it looked like it was in the shape of a gun – which she showed to me with a “pow wow”.

    Suppose someone here will now want to censor pinecones….

    • Agent BallSack

      Pinecones are shaped like grenades, burn down the forests!