Haumurana , Hamurana…hemorrhoids in sub-editing

What’s in a name and a place?

My old mate Jonathan Marshall has copped a subbing bomb from the Herald on Sunday.

Following the alleged attack, Rotorua police investigated and arrested Barker at his father’s seaside Haumurana property. He was charged with common assault. The penalty is a maximum one year imprisonment. 

Which would be all good if such a place actually existed. But it doesn’t, it is called Hamurana and is 34.7km as the crow flies to the nearest seaside.

At least this time Bryce Johns would have been correct…Jonathan Marshall is a “decent journalist, trained and skilled



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  • Stephen

    Hi Cam, it appears the Herald has used an alternative spelling, this is similar to the Wanganui/Whanganui issue. I found the Herald’s spelling on the Rotorua District Council’s website. You need to try harder! Also I would call that area seaside.

    • P1LL

      seaside no , lakeside yes

    • I, along with every mapping company, the aa, and the general population use the vernacular. It has never been haumurana, it isn’t even on the road signs

    • So Rotorua is now an inland sea?