Hekia on Holiday – A week in review

Hekia Parata is away on holiday working like a navvy in Europe at an Education Conference that conveniently happens to be in Amsterdam, followed by a little side trip to Paris, taking along union bosses for a little sharing of the trough in a bid to try to tame them.

Here is her week in review, she started in London:

Then she attended a Commonwealth Day function:

Then she and “her team” whizzed off to Amsterdam:

Two weeks ago the Teacher Unions were trying to have her sacked now they are troughing it up with the Minister in Amsterdam and isn’t Hekia just so proud of her new union mates:

Some good advice at the conference, particularly for Hekia the next time she is under the cosh of Chippie. I’d love to hear the Speaker tell Hekia that it is data that is required from her answer not opinion:

Sucking up to the unions again:

Is Hekia becoming Kate Wilkinson’s replacement for union suck up? More sucking up to the union bosses:

Still sucking up to the unions:

And again, like a union boss would know anything about teacher quality…they are all about mediocrity:

The union sycophancy is becoming tedious. Perhaps she could be called Comrade Hekia now:

Bucket time:

I bet Tex is holding his hands in his head now wishing he hadn’t emboldened fools like Hekia into using Twitter:

And it is off to France, the socialist capital of the world:

One thing is for sure, when those union bosses get back to NZ it won’t matter in the slightest that they supped at the trough of overseas travel with the minister they will be right back at her throat. I doubt it will take even a week before they are issuing press releases calling for their pal Comrade Hekia to be held to account.


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  • LionKing

    What a joke. Hekia has tried the old trick of taking the enemy overseas on junket to try and bribe them with flash trips. Meanwhile her Beehive staff are leaving in droves and taking PGs against her. And she thought (still thinks) she’s the next leader of the National Party. lol

  • BigDes

    What a joke.

  • JeffDaRef

    Interested to hear others thoughts – what would be the fallout (if any) if JK necked her?

    • thor42

      Naff-all fallout, I’d say. *Everyone* except Key can see that she’s utterly incompetent and out of her depth.

      She *might* just be able to manage pulling pints at the local pub, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

  • Chris

    You can be sure that Anand and Susan would think she was the pits.

  • thor42

    Is there any way that she could be “accidentally” diverted to (say) Syria?

  • ratesarerevolting

    She makes Len brown look competent and frugal.

  • Dave

    What a Fantastic Opportunity. Hekia takes the union stirrers and doubters away overseas, and the “Associate”, Mr Steven Joyce continues his sterling job of cleaning the Education portfolio. Hekia returns to be shown the door as Steven has done a great job, then watch the unions moan, but Hekia was so good, we had just bonded over the trough and began to understand each other. Roll on Mr Joyce, NZ’s children need you.

    • JeffDaRef

      Get Crusher in there…

    • Teachersrock

      In other words she is just the token Maori Minister and Joyce is the real Minister of Education.

  • Peej

    The most pressing question of the tour? Did Ms Parata visit the Longstones and get invited to sleepover?

  • Teachersrock

    Phil Harding – value your teachers, trust your teachers and let them do the work

    Interesting that she tweeted that, because neither she, Key or this Government believe that at all.