Herald caught manufacturing outrage

The Herald should be forced to add compulsory hashtags like #manufactured or #spincycle especially after Regan Cunliffe from Throng has busted them manufacturing a crisis over Seven Sharp:

Last Thursday, Seven Sharp ran a story about domestic violence in a staged enactment in an Auckland street.  This morning (five days later), the New Zealand Herald has a story that claimed“Women’s Refuge has criticised a Seven Sharp story on bystander reaction to violence against women which used the song Smack My Bitch Up as a backing track”.

The New Zealand Herald has a history of inciting anger when there is none and this latest escapade is no different. 

We spoke to Women’s Refuge this morning and a spokesperson told us that they had been completely unaware of Seven Sharp’s story until the NZ Herald had contacted them for comment.  Colour me surprised.

Considering the faux outrage that John Drinnan attempted over the weekend concerning advertising in content you would think that the Herald would be a bit more careful about creating or manufacturing news to suit themselves.

Perhaps Drinnan’s column this week might focus on the shenanigans in his own office before trying to pry into the lives of bloggers.


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  • Hazards001

    Fuck women’s refuge, bunch of militant man hating lesbian cunts!