High Handed? Does this silly bint not understand what government is about?

Dame Anne Salmond is a silly socialist cow. She is upset because the government is apparently “high handed”, mainly because they are doing what they were elected to do…which is govern:

The high-handed attitude of Govt over asset sales and charter schools programme poses threat to our society

What a load of horse shit.

Inspired by neo-liberal thinking, successive governments in New Zealand introduced policies concentrating influence and wealth in the hands of a few, disempowering the many.

As power and wealth flowed upward, short-term profiteering by a small elite became habitual. This is very evident in the first round of asset sales, the collapse of the finance companies, and the Solid Energy debacle, for example.

As the gaps between rich and poor widened, indicators of social distress rocketed – child poverty, third world diseases, youth unemployment, incarceration and suicide, for example. While such suffering is now widespread in New Zealand, however, our leaders seem to be quite unmoved.

Since the 1980s, too, successive Governments have become increasingly high-handed, and ideologically driven. Take the asset sales programme, for instance. According to many commentators, it does not serve the national interest.

Wayne Cartwright, for instance, argued in a recent Herald column that the sale of hydro assets is strategically inept. In a world that is energy-hungry, with limited sustainable, affordable sources of power, the sale of hydro companies shows a lack of economic prudence. 

I think we can see clearly that the sky is red tinged in her world.

The asset sale programme is also unjust. Benefits from assets that currently flow to all New Zealanders will be diverted to those who can afford to buy shares in these companies, thus further increasing economic inequality in our small society.

Above all, the sales are undemocratic. Forget the spin, and the flash advertising campaign (paid for by taxpayers). These assets do not belong to the National Party, or Act, or the Maori Party for that matter – any more than they belonged to the Labour Party in the 1980s.

In the asset sales programme, the Government is denying ordinary Kiwis the right to decide what happens to their own property. A referendum is the only just way to determine this matter. If the Government cannot persuade its citizens of the wisdom of asset sales, they have no right to proceed.

Uhmmm…we had an election, one in which Phil Goff delcared that it was to be a referendum on asset sales. National won. What is undemocratic about that?

The charter schools programme is another case in point. It lacks any electoral mandate. Born out of a tawdry, cynical deal between National and Act, it bears all the hallmarks of its conception.

It is anti-democratic to the core, seeking to suspend the rights of parents to be represented on the boards of these schools, and to exempt them from the scrutiny of the Auditor-General and the Ombudsman, despite the flow of taxpayer dollars to their owners.

Labour removed our right to appeal tot he Privy Council without a mandate and introduced many social changes without a similar mandate. She wasn’t crying crocodile tears then.

Once again the NZ Herald via the wailing of Anne Salmond shows whose mast they believe their colours should be nailed to.


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  • Silly bint is right. I find it hilarious that governments can’t apparently be sovereign in selling assets (yet it happens all the time), but can be in taking money from citizens and buying what they want with it – including perpetually unprofitable railways or buying an airline after vetoing a willing foreign investor from rescuing it.

    State ownership offers the public none of the benefits of share ownership, because dividends are used by politicians to pay their favoured rent-seekers, and losses are a charge on long suffering taxpayers (like Solid Energy and Kiwirail), and competitors face their own taxpayers being spent on their competition.

    Oh and renationalising Railways and Air NZ were not part of an electoral mandate. It’s brainless leftwing populist kneejerk politics.

  • spollyike

    This bitch is another commie racist cow. Rewriting the proud history of our settler forefathers in ways that make them into nasty aggressors, what a crock of shit. Check out the amazingly smart this revisionist history writer was up against if you want the evidence that NZ’er of the year was obviously rigged.

  • BJ

    When I read this early this morning my blood boiled. What a waste of space.

  • tarkwin

    Wasn’t she one of the hundred Shortland Street extras that signed some meaningless piece of paper?

    • johnbronkhorst

      Sure that wasn’t “Sesame street”?

  • When is everybody going to realise that doing what is right has absolutely fuck all to do with doing what is popular?

  • Dr Wang

    Salmond is a silly old trout.

  • GregM

    Is this the same stupid cow that re wrote history to such a wonderful degree, that even Willie Jackson thinks she’s the best thing since tinned piss?
    Page 2 this weeks Truth.

  • Goldie

    The NZ Herald must be getting desperate to find Lefties articulate enough to write for them. They’ve managed to dredge up Anne Salmond – a person who has spent her life sucking on the taxpayers tit as an academic writing books on 18th century Maories – to write as an expert on economics.

  • Get a grip

    Yep she is well qualified to comment on such matters!!!

    Academic, anthropologist and Maori Studies Professor.


    Buggar….tongue stuck in cheek!

  • Cadwallader

    Who arranged for this nut-job to become a Dame?

  • JeffDaRef

    For all the tiresome wailing about giving us a referendum before selling assets – did we ever get offered one before Cullen decided to buy back Kiwirail??
    Er no, of course not.
    (please someone from National read this and use it the next time Norman has a cry about his precious referendum..)

  • And now the old socialist luv is pushing her politics into the expat network. In this thread the government is naughty and environmentally lax. Anyone wanna go over and contribute, feel free; the tone of the discussion has been far too polite.