How can the wops afford this?

Don’t say I never do arts posts…but I am wondering how the wops can afford this, they are flat broke and will probably go on the bludge expecting us to pay for their expensive art exhibition.

A Dunedin artist has been invited to show his work at one of the world’s most prestigious art exhibitions.

Dunedin School of Art senior sculpture lecturer Scott Eady will travel to Italy in May to install his work “Personal Structures” at the Venice Biennale 2013.

“It was very unexpected and, of course, very exciting news. I am a little overwhelmed,” Mr Eady said yesterday. 

His installation will feature a series of small bronze sculptures at the Palazzo Bembo, as part of the official collateral events at the biennale.

“It’s going to be seven small, painted, bronze sculptures in a courtyard. They look like colourful blobs of chewing gum, which have been spat out in a courtyard, basically. The courtyard is very brown and devoid of colour.”

The invitation was extended to Mr Eady’s art dealer, RH Gallery, by Venice Biennale director Massimiliano Gioni after his “100 Bikes Project Gwangju” appeared in the Gwangju Biennale in South Korea last year.


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  • ConwayCaptain

    Spat out chewing gum!! And they call that ART

  • peterwn

    The exhibition is probably economically beneficial to the Venetian economy. Northern Italy (especially Milan, Turin and Genoa) is doing quite well – it is Southern Italy that is the cot case.

  • blazer

    ‘art for arts sake….money for gods sake’.

  • profile

    well the 2003 art exhibit, in the same town, of trekka ads, wooden butter boxes and interview footage of 70’s Winston in a tweed suit and other oddities was paid for by the nz taxpayer. chumps paid not wogs.