How long was it “resting in the account”

David Shearer’s secret offshore bank account saga reminded me of this classic from Father Ted.

Surely Shearer’s Chase bank account has internet access or phone banking capability.  It would be highly likely to have either, if not both.  What about mailed bank statements? 

Then, how many days either side of him filing his register of pecuniary interests return, did he logon to the account, or transact through it in any way?  We know he’s full of it on this one, but he can’t claim to have forgotten about it for 4 years in a row, and yet be viewing or transacting through the account, even on an irregular basis.

Perhaps he should present his statement so we can see if he really forgot about it or os just spinning a lie.

Liar or incompetent.  You choose.


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  • blokeintakapuna

    Liar or incompetent? How about both! Time will most likely prove he’s even an incompetent liar as this issue ranks up there with his Mr.Roofus Painter and the GCSB tape he’s still yet to produce…

  • Dave

    Very good point Cameron, perhaps we need to invite Sheepie to provide access to an independent auditor, such as one of the Big 4 to look a this account, and verify there was or was not any account views, or transactions over those 4 years he forgot. I am sure the bank can provide the stats needed in an instant. Also look at the USA tax returns accounts of Shearer, NZ tax returns/accounts etc, then Farewell Sheepie.

    • sheppy

      Surely he needed to access it at least once a year to put the current value on his IRD return?

  • LionKing

    He’s fucked on this one.

    • steve and monique

      Agree,well said

    • Hazards001

      No he’s not. JK isn’t going after him and the left wing MSM certainly aren’t going too. Just like every other bit of shit that attaches itself to the lying commies this will be left to fall fallow. Shearer will survive this with barely a wrinkle. A few more dollars thrown into the pot via an increase in WFF will soon make all the nasty go away.

      • chopsuey

        I saw Banks on the herald webpage yesterday – can’t seem to find Sheaer anywere except for “increase in polls”

    • Cadwallader

      I hope so, his only possible escape hatch would be to donate the account balance to Greenpeace. Russell would be thrilled.

  • It’s time you got off Shearer’s back. Despite being gay, you are clearly a determined right winger. So nothing he says or does will ever please you. Instead of attacking a man with sound ethics and admirable goals, why not do something constructive. Like campaigning against that vicious woman hunter who appears on your web site. She is horrific. Most people agree hunting is for immature and retarded people. Don’t give her oxygen.

    • I’m not gay and given half a chance I’d tap Melissa Bachmann. I think I will post more videos of her since it enrages you so much.

      On Shearer…he has no more ethics than the next politician. He has been caught pants down and his story doesn’t add up. I’m doing my job in holding him to account and making him own his own words which he hurled around in accusing John Banks.

      • blokeintakapuna

        I’d try and give her triplets myself. You can be 1st after me though. In all seriousness though, someone, somewhere will be having to put up with her shit.

        • unsol

          Arent you already busy with your 2 for one deal on Tuesday nights? :-)

        • Muffin

          1st after me…. That’s gold

      • unsol

        “I’m not gay and given half a chance I’d tap Melissa Bachmann”

        Hehe yeh, like that’s not obvious the way you’ve been frothing over the playboy bunny version of Bear Grylis! :P

        Just so long as you remember that it is your darling wife who is the master skinner :)

        As for holding Shearer to account – yes, couldn’t agree me & doing a fine job too.

        This fiasco is music to our ears…..we just need a bit more of it so that it can monopolise election year…..preferrably some good sunlight on the dodgy Greens too.

    • Lion_ess

      Riding on the Sheep’s back is an expression associated with prosperity. We all want to ride on Dave’s back Mary, perhaps we can all have a lazy $50K sitting in a foreign bank account that we’ve forgotten about.

    • Dave

      Gee Mary, you seem a bit bitter. A friendly suggestion: Using your email address (if it really is your email address) is not wise on a blog, especially one tracked by the nasty Left Wingers such as those at the Stranded. PS: what you put on the blog is there forever – including your email address.

      Now, Shearer has snookered himself, or perhaps he has his Roof Painters bad habits and he simply painted himself into a corner, a stupid and very foolish mistake that is NOT acceptable for such a senior member of our parliament. His mistake, he is fair game, he has the choice of coming clean and saying this is the account, how often I accessed it, and why i didn’t disclose it and then simply resigning, but he is not is he!

      Lastly, please don’t confuse posts, if its the hunting thing you are anti, go post there.

      Cam: Hope I haven’t overstepped the mark here.

    • johnbronkhorst

      right…left….this isn’t about politics…this is about credibility and honesty!! Shear has neither after this debarcal. He accuses others, via innuendo, but when challenged on his own forthrightfulness he is missing in action. Doesn’t surprise me. Labour hasn’t had an honest PM(that lasted) in my lifetime, as far as I can see. and I have seen6 labour terms in office and palmer was probably the closest thing to honest that they had.

      • JC

        Jeez.. JB, Palmer may have been honest but he was a complete dork. Face it, Clark was a great Labour leader.. their best in two generations.. its just she was honest and true to a dying ideology.

        Incidentally, I’m surprised no-one has made a comparison to Goff and his apartment with Shearer and his bank account.


        • johnbronkhorst

          Clarke was a blatant liar, and would be despot (sedition charges for criminal damage [against her electorate office]) not to mention the electoral finance act…a deliberate attempt to silence dissenters!!!!

          • JC

            Agreed, but never underestimate the woman.. she was as good and better than Muldoon in malignancy.

            I would like to see Key get a third term simply to see if a dorky facade can do it.

            Come to think of it, much of modern NZ politics has been dominated by the three.. three termers of Holyoak, Muldoon and Clark.. two were malignant growths and the other was Colonel Blimp.. it would be nice if Key could join their ranks as the only self made man.


    • Macca

      The reason people here are getting on Shearers back is because he is such a fucken hypocrite!!!!!!!

      Sound ethics – yeah right! Admiral goals – sending NZ down the shitta with the Greens and combined socialist policies! Hey Mary, why don’t you just fuck off back to the Stranded and hang with your ilk?

    • johnbronkhorst

      anyway…whats wrong with hunting? I don’t do it any more, never did it to a great degree. Each to his own (or hers)!! Nobody is a lesser person because of their habits or entertainment preferences. Quite frankly, the only “horrific, immature and retarded” person on here appears, to be you.

      • Macca

        With her comments John, I’d put money on it she’s a vegan! They would have to be one of the most righteous group ever to walk the earth. If you eat animals, there is no hope for you and absolutely pointless trying to argue with them. Probably a Green supporter too more as not!

      • blokeintakapuna

        What’s the bet she thinks plastic containers and cling film are a by-product of meat… Because that’s what happens when you source meat from the butcher.

        You can always tell a Labour Party troll… You just can’t tell ’em much.

    • Steve (North Shore)


      The subject is “How long was it ‘Resting in the Account?”
      Who are you? a spinner or a banker?

    • OneTrack

      Yeah Whale, you should be ashamed of yourself. Attacking a man with “sound ethics and admirable goals”. And an offshore bank account with up to 3 million US dollars in it.

    • Cadwallader

      How about Shearer’s head mounted on your wall? Then you could worship him…alive/dead little difference.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Also might want to look up “small vs far away” under father ted on you tube.
    Ted explaining to dougal that the toy cows on the table are small, but cows in the field are far away. Maybe shearer thought that the further away he got from the account, the smaller it was and didn’t need to be declared?
    Maybe that’s an excuse labour supporters would buy?
    hipkins would!!!

  • blokeintakapuna

    Maybe this is a well-timed distraction from the AG’s inadequate report on Jones and the Labour Party selling passports for “donations” ? Maybe helped along by those within that might benefit from Shearer’s inconvenient demise?

  • BJ

    To be honest – if John Key just made the disclosure David Shearer has and maintained innocence – he would go way down in my estimation.

    Even without knowing his motivation I find it totally unbelievable that Shearer forgot to disclose because – he’s only got a handful of assets and bank accounts to be aware of. How pray tell would he keep a handle on a rabble if in government? he wouldn’t.

    I still think he is a National man pretending to be a Labour man because he thinks that is the only path that will lead him to John Keys job. When you pretend to be something your not – it all eventually catches up with you and things go terribly wrong.

    • unsol

      I agree – I don’t think he is really a left-winger at all or even remotely centre-left.

      • Hazards001

        The man worked for the UN for how many years? You can’t get any more left than a commie for petes sake.

        • unsol

          That’d be true if he had been on a low wage or a volunteer but he was on nearly $200k US p/. Means he was more likely a corporate trying to wrangle things in favour of his business interests…of which he appears to have many!

  • OneTrack

    Do Cayman Island banks have Internet and phone banking?

  • Muzz

    Shearer forgets about 50k in a bank account, banksie forgot that Dotcom donated him money and goodness knows how many things John Key has forgotten. What are these politicians on? Too much booze killing the braincells?