How to buy/sell citizenship and get away with it

Otherwise known formerly as the “Inquiry into decision by Hon Shane Jones to grant citizenship to Mr Yang Liu“. (PDF 539KB)

The Office of the Auditor-General has delivered their report and the 86 pages outline chapter and verse how a wanted Chinese national blew smoke up the collective bottoms of MPs and ministers and at the same time pulled the wool over their eyes.

Shane Jones escapes serious censure, mainly because he used the ?dog ate my homework? excuse and also the ?I didn?t understand? excuse. These weasel-ly excuses aren?t accepted by parents and school teachers yet a man who held a ministerial warrant and someone whom David Shearer has been holding a space open on his front bench did. He was taking the big bucks, and his excuses are pathetic.

What is more pathetic is Labour?s spin that this report exonerated Mr Jones.? It does not. Instead it questions the process that existed that various Labour MPs and ministers used to get a substantial donor into the country. ?

The very accusation Labour? hurled against John Key in actually delivering something concrete and beneficial for the country has been used by the Auditor-General to describe a shabby little back room deal to look after a Labour party donor of suspect credentials.

The report outlines all the Labour party apparatchiks involved in glad handing Yang Liu or Bill Liu or Yong Ming Yang or whatever other pseudonym this dodgy immigrant has used around the Labour party, helping fill various electorates coffers through donations and almost all of them claim not to know something.

All this leaves us with is a stench of dodginess, which for some reason David Shearer seems to want to stay close to by having Shane Jones on his front bench, laughably because Jones is said to be one of those in the Labour caucus who can ?credibly? hold the government to account.

All of which goes to show that Labour?s talent pool has all the depth of a carpark puddle.