How to destroy any legitimacy of your referendum with one little press release

Russel Norman isn’t blessed with an abundance of brains…after all he got his doctorate by studying the Alliance party.

However he has just destroyed any legitimacy his taxpayer funded political party initiated referendum might have had by declaring in a press release:

90 percent of Kiwis not interested in Key’s asset sales

The overwhelming majority of New Zealanders have not registered any interest in buying shares in companies that already belong to them, Green Party Co-leader Dr Russel Norman said today.

The Government is claiming that over 425,000 people have pre-registered for the Mighty River Power float. Even ignoring the fact that many fake registrations have been lodged, that means 90% of Kiwis have not registered. 

Yep and that means that more than 90% of Kiwis aren’t interested in his referendum too. His hypocrisy and sanctimony knows no bounds though.

“Despite a multi-million dollar taxpayer-funded ad campaign by the National Government and its sharebrokers, 90 percent of New Zealanders have shown that we have no interest in taking part in John Key’s asset sales,” said Dr Norman.

Right so taxpayer funding promotion of government policy is evil but taxpayer funding of his paid legions of flunkies to collect signatures is ok?

Russel Norman and the Green Taliban are beneath contempt.

Lindsay Mitchell points out a flaw in is maths too.

Roughly, there are around 1.5 million households in New Zealand with an average of 3 occupants. In general only one occupant, the main bread-winner, would make the expression of interest. So 425,000 expressions could easily represent interest from 1, 2, 3 or more others.

Being as loose as Russel Norman with statistics I could simply say the expression of interest represents 28 percent of households. And then claim that  72 percent of Kiwis aren’t interested.

Either way, he can;t claim that 90 or even 72% are opposed because they failed to register, because to do so means his referendum with only a bit over 300,000 signatures is likewise a failure of New Zealand to endorse his position.

Nice one Russel, now we know why you think printing money is the solution to this country’s financial ills. you are just plain stupid.


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  • Steve R

    Once again Russell’s brand of politics , dealing in half truths ,lies, and forgetfulness.
    For a man with a doctorate he clearly never reads. If he did he’d quickly find evidence that most of his ideas will be failures . However I strongly suggest he knows all of this .

  • Mediaan

    Then there are those who didn’t bother (or get around to) registering, but are interested in the share float and might invest. Like me.

    • johnbronkhorst

      or those that don’t understand or care. I did register and will look closely as to whether to buy.
      Money into shares or further investment into my own business expansion.

  • fozzie2

    Be interesting to see how many of the 425,000 materialise into actual buyers. I know of people that signed up several times, all their kids and a few more who signed up the family cat ! The option had no checks or balances on it. As long as you said a) you lived in NZ provided a name email and postal address – hell you are in !! Just an expensive PR exercise – that we the taxpayer are paying to flog off our family silver.

    • JC

      And of course the same happens with referenda.


    • StupidDisqus

      and what the fuck is wrong with that? Why shouldn’t my cat have some shares?

      She pays more tax than 90% of Kiwis!

    • Macca

      What a sad existence you lead Fozzie, wallowing in negativity with your fellow lefties!

      At least National try to look on the bright side and do things that WILL bring a positive result for the average Kiwi – even fucktards like you!

      • Gazzaw

        Don’t be too tough on fozzie Macca. He regularly makes me so thankful that I don’t wake up every morning having the same shit outlook as he does on life. He’s a permanently half empty glass.

    • Hazards001

      The only PR exercise being run at the taxpayers expense is the referendum being held by the Greens and the Reds…maybe you should be having a moan about that. The registration of interest is NOT a taxpayer funded rip off you muppet.

      The taxpayer already agreed to it by the over whelming support of National in the last election.

      You really do need to get a grip on it!

  • Never in the dark…..

    I didn’t register. Not because I’m opposed to the idea of a partial sell down of some assets, or even a complete sell off of others, but because I don’t have the financial wherewithal to do so at this point.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Never in the dark – Don’t worry. I just spoke to loser Norman. He is printing 10K for you. Wait for the courier pack to arrive.

      • Never in the dark…..


        I’ll look out for the Easter bunny too!

    • AnonWgtn

      Interesting point
      These shares are ossibly not really in the best interest of a number of elderly citizens.
      They are a LONG term investment.
      Bank deposits are probably best.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Maybe Wussel took a minus IQ pill?

  • cows4me

    No wonder the Aussies don’t want him,

  • Stephen

    No wonder 95% of Kiwis didn’t vote for the Greens.

    • JC

      Looks like an election slogan to me.. a photo of Russel saying “90% of Kiwis don’t vote Green”

      Should be a winner.


  • RightOfGenghis

    My 6month old granddaughter is in that 90%. Damned if I could interest her in the shares, confused much!

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      RightOfGenghis – Just quietly tell in her little ears “Norman will be your Deputy PM” and then see what happens :-)

      • DJ

        you don’t think that baby shits itself enough already?

  • BJ

    “Geminis born June 2 live more through their emotions than their intellect.’

    During debating time in parliament Wussel looks like a bewildered Jack Russell puppy

    • Bunswalla

      So that explains it all. Are you in the green taliban?

      • BJ

        Hell no!

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      “Gimme my flag, gimmie my flag”

  • StupidDisqus

    The “assets” were paid for by nett taxpayers. Not by civil servants or teachers or nurses or anyone else on the central or local government payrolls – but by people who have intrinsic wealth and personal value who paid for ’em – and who pay for everything else.

    NZ has at most 425,000 nett taxpayers.

    So let’s try that again: about 100% of Kiwi nett taxpayers strongly approve of liability sales

    (because solid energy should remind us there are no such things as “state assets” – only liabilities that those few nett taxpayers will have to fork out for again and again and again)

    • Dumrse

      So, Civil servant, teachers and nurses don’t pax tax. You should finish your milk and fuck off to bed whilst the adults discuss the topic.

      • Honcho

        Beneficiaries also pay tax, does this support your arguement?

        • Dumrse

          Did he include beneficiaries did he ?

        • geoff3012

          NET Tax payers……………

      • Muffin

        They pay tax from the tax we pay, how about you stfu and let adults discus the topic.

        • budger 10 7

          yes, they’re dirty bludgers just like the fireman, police and nz defense force.

        • Dumrse

          I wish I had both the time and energy to converse with you, I’m sure I would learn some more.

      • Muffin

        Jeez you really live up to yor name dumarse

  • Hazards001

    Said it before…say it again, a referendum should only be acted upon if more than 50% of registered voters respond to it and ask for change to the current situation. Whether it be changes to how we vote.I.E. how we ended up with MMP, when daylight savings ends or gay marriage. I’m totally in favour of the majority having a say in what gets changed in our lives instead of the change to the status quo being instigated by a vocal minority.

    • What will be funny is if the referendum returns the wrong answer for Labour and the Green taliban

      • Hazards001

        It will and that suits me, I have my ROI submitted. I just don’t chop and change. As I say…if you want a referendum to be binding make it 50% of eligible voters have to turn out to CHANGE the way things are on all issues (that go to referendum..I’m not actually in favour of governance by referendum).

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        WO – Dream on. Sheep’s internal polling reveals, the referendum will be a 90% to 10% win in favour of Labour and the toxic Greens.

        • Dave

          “Sheep’s internal polling” More like Fleecing come elections!

    • Hazards001

      I see the little faggot has popped in for a down vote. Didn’t like the gay marriage being thrown in the mix huh gayguy?

  • Bryan

    What? Lindsay Mitchell versus Russel Norman? FFS. What a joke. I don’t think what Linday’s made up is going to rattle anyone, especially not Norman. Mitchell is so unhinged she’s pretty much squarely in Pauline Hansen territory.

  • anniem

    Fozzie, stupid is as stupid does – or says. To pre register for MRP one had to include an IRD number and I doubt your cat has one so how could said cat register?

    • fozzie2

      Obviously you didn’t – coz there was no IRD number required !! Whose the stupid one now ?

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  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Folks – this piece of crap is going to be running the finances of our country possibly for the next 9 years….I am wondering why God has turned so cruel towards NZ?! Norman is a loser of the highest calibre. Waste of time, waste of space.

  • maninblack

    he is such a wanker- wish he would fuck off back to Aus.

  • anniem

    This for the grammatically challenged Fozzie from the MRP site.

    a valid IRD number; and
    a valid New Zealand bank account; and
    a New Zealand address; and
    a declaration that you are a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident in New Zealand; and
    a confirmation that you are in New Zealand and are not acting for the account or benefit of, a person in the United States.

    • fozzie2

      Not for the pre registration you didn’t (now closed) – happy to keep the grammar nazis occupied.

  • anniem

    Last one for Fozzie. FFS bloody read the conditions for pre registration that I know is now closed. Your tiny brain MAY be able to note that people applying for their children and grandchildren will have to obtain an IRD no. No doubt you could try to get one for your cat. Wonder how that works?

    Mighty River Power share offer – pre-registration launch Q&A
    Tuesday, 5 March 2013, 10:19 am

    Press Release: New Zealand Government

    Mighty River Power share offer – pre-registration



    are you announcing

    The start of the
    Mighty River Power pre-registration process.

    It is a three
    week period where New Zealanders can express an interest in
    learning more about the Mighty River Power Share Offer.
    New Zealanders who pre-register will be informed when the
    Share Offer opens and, assuming that they are in New
    Zealand, be provided with a Share Offer Document (either
    hard copy or via email).

    It is obligation-free. No
    payment is required at this stage.

    Ministers have also
    announced an additional benefit for New Zealanders who
    pre-register. You will be eligible for up to 25%
    more shares than someone who does not pre-register,
    in the event of scaling due to demand exceeding the number
    of shares available.

    How do I
    Online at

    Or call
    0800 90 30 90. The call centre is open from 8am to 8pm
    during the week, and 8am to 6pm on weekends.

    When can I
    You can pre-register from Tuesday
    5th March to 5pm 22nd March

    Who can
    Only eligible New Zealand
    Applicants will be entitled to apply for shares as part of
    the retail share offer and, as a result, only New Zealanders
    located in New Zealand are invited to pre-register.

    order to qualify as a New Zealand Applicant, you must
    supply, as part of your application for shares in Mighty
    River Power (when the Share Offer is open), a:

    1. valid
    IRD number; and
    2. valid New Zealand bank account;
    3. New Zealand address; and
    4. a declaration that
    you are a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident in New

  • AnonWgtn

    I hope that those against the partial sales will ensure that their Kiwisaver managers do not take up the shares they have requested.
    Without a doubt Kiwisaver fund managers will collectively be the largest group of these partial sales shareholders as these shares represent the best long term investment that they can get on behalf of their members.
    Yes, Russel and your lot too ???????????