I hope you enjoy the referendum, you paid for it, shamelessly pinched from the taxpayer

The recently presented referendum was bought and paid for by your taxpayers. In a shameless picking of the taxpayers pockets by Labour, the Green Taliban and their fellow travellers, they have rorted the CIR process for their own political benefit.

David Farrar has released leaked documents that show the extent to which they planned to manipulate the process.

A mole has leaked to me a couple of strategy documents from Labour and Greens on the referendum they have just purchased with our money. The documents are embedded below, and they show the extent of taxpayer resources used to purchase this referendum.

CIRs are meant to be about the public being able to send a message to MPs, not MPs using taxpayer funds to relitigate an election result. Some key revelations:

  • They aimed for 400,000 signatures as they knew a fair proportion would be found to be invalid.
  • At the 300,000 mark the Greens collected 150,000, Labour 105,000 and Unions 40,000. The Greens are the ones who used taxpayer funding to hire petition collectors.
  • Labour pledged 30 hours per week staff time from their taxpayer funded budget
  • Greens were using their permament taxpayer funded staff to co-ordinate
  • The unions had a paid national co-ordinator
  • They refer to unions gathering “car loads” of organisers and activists to travel to areas
  • For their day of action, Greens said they will committ five full-time staff – presumably all taxpayer funded, if Labour does the same. That’s 10 taxpayer funded organisers.
  • A list of unions to pressure to do more, including PPTA, NZEI, Nurses Organisation – minority shares in power companies of course being key education and health issues! 

It is very clear that there has been very few ordinary citizens involved in this petition – mainly a legion of taxpayer funded staff and union staff.

Asset Sales Petition Strategy Docs by David Farrar


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  • Pete George

    And I’ll shamelessly link to more details of Green oil selling something they knew they couldn’t deliver as they oil the Green political machine.

    Green snake oil petition

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    The best way of killing this is to have an internet based referendum….90% of the people won’t even bother to respond….

  • toby_toby

    I think I despise Labour and Greens more now than I did in November of 2008.

  • James M

    Looks like we’ve got to sell some assets to make up for Labour and Greens gambling problem

  • The burning question is this; who is the mole who felt so uncomfortable about this disingenuous strategy that they leaked it to New Zealand’s second most influential blogger? And what lengths will Labour and the Greens go to to find out who ratted on them?

  • johnbronkhorst

    So not so much a CIR (citizens initiated referendum) but SIR (socialist initiated referendum)

  • Mr_Blobby

    It results will be treated the same way every other referendum has been treated. Until we have a legally binding referendum the whole process is just a waste of time.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Referendum question:
    Should the govt. be allowed to sell ANY assets? after all it is a principle we are talking about.
    Bearing in mind….the filing cabinets I bought at Turners Auctions (for my company) came from….NZ Customs (and were a govt. asset).
    Also means we would have two sets of BMW’s

  • cows4me

    Yeah it cost the taxpayer but it was very heart warming to see these commie suckholes faces when they realised their poxy little referendum was way off base when it came to the general public support for the share offer. Good to see their noses rubbed in it.

  • Apolonia

    What was interesting with the last CIR was that about 360,000 people signed the petition to force the referendum on the anti-smacking law, and then at the referendum only 201,541 voted to keep the stupid law. In other words the supporters of the law would not have been able to have a referendum on the law as there were not enough of them to sign a petition.


  • Phar Lap

    Where was the green democracy ,when they completely ignored the referendum on the smacking bill .Not forgetting Clark as well when the Lie-bour Government ignored a 92% referendum on criminal jail time.

  • niggly

    Yawn …. Greens and Labour. More than 4 million kiwi’s didn’t sign your corrupt petition!

  • niggly

    Oh also don’t forget hundreds of trees were sacrificed for this political stunt.

    All those boxes and thousands of sheets of paper! The hypocrisy!

    (Hmmm,and photographic evidence taken from the steps of Parliament to prove the crime. Now where’s a do-do-good lawyer to be found who will take a legal case to call the Green Taliban into account)?

    And to cap it off wasn’t Wussel recently berating Yellow Pages for wasting trees and not better utilising on-line technology?

  • SJ00

    Pre-registrations for shares up to 327,000 people. This shit all over the people opposed it. The people who are against it but are going to buy shares are hypocrites who would sell their mum to make a profit.