I predict it will be as successful as their outsourcing of sub-editing

APN is going to outsource their advertising
to India according to NBR:

APN has told staff it
wants to outsource most of its advertising production to an
offshore company. The proposal comes as the publisher of the Herald
newspaper reported
a significant annual loss amid declining
last month. APN New Zealand chief executive
Martin Simons says the company has been in talks with providers in
India and a preferred vendor has been selected. However, APN staff
first have the chance to submit feedback to the proposal by March

I can’t hardly wait to see the results.
I imagine it will be as successful as their outsourcing of
sub-editing. ठे णेव झेअलन्द ःेरल्द
or perhaps

ภєฬ zєคlคภ๔ ђєгคl๔

opportunities for screwups can surely be no greater than there is
right now.


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  • insane.

  • cows4me

    Expect good deals on currys and naan bread.