I wouldn’t rush at throwing Marshall under the bus just yet

I see all the usual suspects are lining up to have a larrup at Jonathan Marshall again. Word has it that Russell Brown is itching to run one up him, hard.

Brian Edwards has jumped all over this again, like he did on the Mark and Amanda Hotchin stitch up. Back then he may well have been right.

You may recall that the Sunday Star Times responded to my challenge to them to produce either a recording of Marshall’s ‘interview’ with Mrs Hotchin or his written notes of their ‘conversation’ by sending me a menacing lawyer’s letter requiring me to cease and desist or face the consequences. I published the letter on this site.

So just what has Marshall to do with the Barker family? Well Marshall is currently ‘Investigations Editor’ for the News Limited Network in Australia. I’ll let Jonathan Holmes,  host of the ABC’s excellent Media Watch, tell the story.

Seems Mr Marshall’s journalistic ethics and approach haven’t changed much since he left our fair shores: no point in letting the facts spoil a good story when it’s so easy to change the facts, just a little. 

Well, Marshall may not have ever had a tape of Amanda Hotchin, but one thing I know about Jonathan Marshall is this…he doesn’t make the same mistake twice. In this case I think that Brian Edwards has allowed his personal feelings to cloud his judgment…he is usually better than that.

Whisperers out of Australia tell me that we are going to see a release of the full tape, with all the Barker comments in all their glory…and a mea culpa from Today Tonight about a crap editing job. Then there could well have to be a special Media Watch programme where they feature themselves. Then again sanctimonious finger-pointers almost never apologise when they get things wrong.

If I could track Marshall down I’d ask him myself, but it seems he has gone to ground.

You may be sure that Russell Brown and Brian Edwards won’t bother actually speaking with Marshall as they perform their hatchet jobs. It hink this is more another attempt to besmirch Jonathan Marshall and for the Australian media to hook into Murdoch’s stable once again than anything else.


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  • Joe Bloggs

    Mmmmm… I’m smelling spit-roasted Marshall in the air.

    • coventry

      Damn Joe, that’s a mental image I didn’t want to have.

  • LionKing

    Marshall is a lying fucktard and deserves everything coming to the guy.

  • Dave

    Never trust a tweet (or perhaps anything) from Dr Brian Edwards, or BrianEdwardsmed. Remember his stolen lunch, after much digging and prompting from Whale, Mr Edwards said it was his sidekick Judy who has sent tweets from that account.

  • get real

    “In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act ”
    George Orwell.

    Personal feelings aside , GO the internet and NO to tabloid trash .

  • get real

    Marshall doesn’t need to be thrown, he brings this upon him self , liar liar pants on fire !
    One too many crooked stripes in his pin stripe suit.