Imperator Fish has some suggestions to improve Question Time

Scott Yorke has some great suggestions for Labour to actually?improve?question without resorting to dummy spits:

So what should Labour and the Greens do? Here are some options.

Do a no-show

Just don’t turn up to the next Question Time.

For:?Everyone in Labour and the Greens would feel a buzz for a few minutes. It would get the attention of the media.

Against:?John Key would crow about how scared Labour and the Greens are. The media would award Key the win, and raise fresh questions about the leadership capabilities of David Shearer. If he can’t handle a few barbs during question time, how would he cope during an election debate??

Turn up, then stage a walk-out

The technical term for this is “flouncing out”. The?opposition?would wait until the Speaker has made a terrible ruling (i.e.?he has opened his mouth), then raise various points of order challenging him. Eventually he would start chucking people out, at which point the?opposition?would rise as one and follow the ejected members out in solidarity.

For: ?Actually walking out would be pretty dramatic, and would get the attention of the media. As the?opposition?members filed out they could chant?kumbaya?and hold hands in solidarity, thus creating a sense of unity and common purpose. Who wouldn’t love to see Dr Russel Norman and Trevor Mallard holding hands?

Against: ?Key and co would taunt and jeer as they left, and the incident would be reported as a win to National.

His final solution offering? Go and read it…I concur with him.