Interesting Whaleoil searches



It is always interesting to have a look at what people were looking for when they use a search engine to visit Whaleoil.  The majority of the searches are obviously directly for the blog name, my name or some combination of it.

With about 60,000 searches being delivered to Whaleoil last month, the actual traffic from search engines is negligible to the 1,000,000+ pages that were served up, especially when half of those are looking for me or my blog by name.

But it still remains fun to have a look back.

Around the time of Sir Paul Holmes’ knighting and death, these searches actually outperformed searches for the man’s name itself  

  • millie elder
  • millie holmes
  • hine elder
  • hinemoa elder
  • paul holmes daughter
  • millie holmes boyfriend
  • connor morris
  • millie holmes headhunters

Which, if you ask me, is a little bit spooky.  It sort of exposes the pre-occupation of the hive mind with the more basic things of life, even in the context of a good man’s death.

Here is another example:  The Oscar Pistorius show.  The blog ran a jokes page which was found via searches, but look what else kept coming through

  • reeva steenkamp nude
  • reeva steenkamp naked
  • reeva steenkamp topless
  • reeva steenkamp nuda
  • reeva naked
  • reeva steenkamp desnuda
  • reeva steenkamp nude pictures
  • steenkamp nude

And while we’re on that general topic, this was the third most popular search topic of the “let’s see some flesh” category

  • serbian pm flash
  • serbian prime minister’s full frontal no knickers interview
  • serbian pm interview
  • no knickers interview

Carly Mckinney, the teacher that  posted half-naked photos of herself, obviously had to rate here as well (crunkbear was her Twitter name)

  • crunk bear
  • carlycrunkbear
  • carly mckinney
  • carly crunk bear
  • carly mckinney’s
  • carly mckinney naked
  • carly mckinney twitter
  • crunk bear photos
  • carly crunk
  • crunkbear photos
  • carly crunkbear
  • carly mckinney twitter photos

Finally we get down to what was happening in New Zealand that didn’t seem to trigger the sexual arousal of the public.  Instead, people continue to have questions over certain deaths and certain crimes goings on

After that, we just have some more searches that reflected the news last month.  These included

Oh, and to the 3 people that searched for “whail oil“, I think it’s better you stay with the blog of your choice until you know how to spell Whale.


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  • Steve (North Shore)

    Whail oil ha!
    Fucking morons – it’s the Teachers fault you know

    • cows4me

      Wasn’t me either steve, I just click on the box that says whaleoil.

      • Hazards001

        There’s a box?

        • cows4me

          Depends on the system you run.

  • Agent BallSack

    Makes more of a concerted effort to spike search ratings with ‘Patrick Lee-Lo Naked’

  • Dave

    Its obvious the ppl searching for Whail Oil were dedicated followers of the Standard. I think they should stick to the standard, its easier to follow, and god knows they desperately need the followers there.