Internet Troll loses sense of humour when he gets tracked down



The anonymous cowards calling for people’s deaths and suicides are a spineless bunch.

This is what happened when a boxer decided to go find his troll

Woodhouse, 32, a former footballer and one-time light welterweight champion of England, was bombarded by tweets mocking him about lost fights and even his father’s death.

Earlier this week he decided he had had enough and jumped in his car to track down his tormentor, who called himself “The Master”, while giving his 26,000 followers a running commentary on the way.  

After finding the troll’s address he arrived in the man’s street in the northern industrial city of Sheffield on Monday and tweeted a picture of himself there to prove it.

“Right Jimbob im here!! someone tell me what number he lives at, or do I have to knock on every door #itsshowtime,” he wrote.

People have to remember that unless you pay for certain anonymising services, and you are extremely disciplined, the Internet is not really anonymous.

The unfortunate Twitter abuser, whose real name is James O’Brien, 24, sent a plaintive tweet throwing in the towel before the boxer could confront him in person.

“I am sorry its getting a bit out of hand i am in the wrong i accept that,” O’Brien wrote.

That’s the typical behaviour of a troll – bring them out in the same daylight as everyone else and they are nothing more than weasely cowards.



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  • Patrick

    The internet should be treated no differently to any other means of communication – be prepared to say it to someon’s face or don’t say it at all. There are some aggressive abusive types on blogs who i very much doubt have the gonads to back up their behaivour

    • Mark


    • That’s right Patrick. Which is why I use my own name on Twitter and everywhere I say anything on the internet. You won’t have a hard time finding me. Which is a something of a shame, since I am a bit of a cunt liable to say inflammatory things.

      • Mr_Blobby

        I’d never call you a cunt, cunts are useful.

  • Mr_Blobby

    I like this guy.

    Always up for a good old fashioned Troll Hunt.

    What do you say Whale.

    • le sphincter

      Dont be silly.
      Even Mark Twain didnt use his real name

  • Hmmm it is so tempting. There is troll/blogger or two that would run a mile if they had to say to my face what they have said online. I know where they both live too.
    The truth is that WO won’t let me.
    He says don’t feed the trolls. I know that if I visit them they will use it as an excuse to start up more of their bullshit so sigh….. I will have to just fantasise about what I would say and do if I saw them in person. Mind you if I just happen to bump into a certain ex hooker, P Freak in the local supermarket my fist might just slip ( just saying ;)

    • Guest

      I know exactly what you mean.