Irony, a bit like bradbury and minty, I guess


I truly can’t stand the Irony Overload of Martyn Bradbury Real Estate promoting a blog post on behalf of John Minto, lamenting the fact they are embarrassed (sometimes) to be a New Zealander.

Welcome to my permanent state of mind whenever you two are involved in anything.


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  • minarchist_kiwi

    I see he trades through a company at the 28% tax rate rather than the personal 33% – typical left winger: only everyone else should pay higher taxes.

    • Callum

      You only pay 28% if you actually make any money.
      Beside due to marginal rates the last time I checked you were better off up to around $110k a year as an individual.

  • Bradbury whingeing about embarrassments; crikey, that’s a bit of a pot-meet-kettle moment, don’t you think?

    • peterwn

      He can always emigrate to North Korea if he feels embarrassed about being a Kiwi.

      • I’d gladly chip in a lazy twenty to go towards his fare peterwn; who else is in? I’d even chip in a fifty for Bradbury as well!

        • cows4me

          I’m up for 20 KS

  • Lion_ess

    Dear Martyn, fuck off and take your hypocritical whining with you. Solved.

  • williamabong

    So how long have Minto and Bradbury been in this relationship, soon they will be able to make a serious commitment to each other and get married.

    • Bunswalla

      As I’ve many times warned people: be careful what you wish for. I’ll certainly be blaming WO if that particular marriage made in hell comes to pass.

      • Minto works for Bradbury now. As does Brian Edwards. Which deeply disappoints me. I would have expected him to show some degree of discernment beyond “oh it’s left, that’s where I go”.

        • By ‘works ‘, surely you don’t mean paid? I heard that the only one being paid by the Union Masters for The Daily Bog was Bradbury. All the other suckers think he is doing it for free like them LOL

  • Honcho

    Bit ironic reading minto harp on about ‘corporate’ bullies, being a bully himself. Man should be banned from owning or operating a loud speaker. Had enough of his toxic drivel.

  • Ronnie Chow

    Just imagine Sir Ed whinging at the steps up the mountain . Never happen .

    Now we have a generation of entertainers who scream and froth and never actually DO anything . These losers are enabled by their fellow losers in the media . The whole damn system is geared up to produce crap . Because this crap sells the crap for sale in the ad breaks to crap heads .
    Self fulfilling prophecy , not ending any time soon . Even SKY is getting jammed fuller and fuller of incessant promotions for other programming .

  • Phar Lap

    Most time when i see the two sickos i am embarrased to think that a NZ may have spawned them ,yuk..

  • Hazards001

    Fucking unbelievable. I totally agree. I’ve often been embarrassed to be a kiwi…coincidentally it happens every time that slimey bag of snakes Minto is given air time!

  • Patrick

    There are airports with flights to international destinations, if these two are embarrassed to be Kiwis then I suggest they get on a plane to their version of Utopia

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    These 2 are just fuckwits and shouldn’t be given any publicity. If they are that embarrassed about being Kiwis, then FUCK OFF to Afghanistan and do us all a favour you lefty pinko homosexuals.

    • Patrick

      only a homo if you are a taker – wait these two are takers of the highest order.