Is company director Roger Mortimer a nobody or a crank?

Via the tipline

Hi Cam,

In addition to the list of nobodies and cranks, you might like to note that Company Director Roger Mortimer is so incredibly important to this outfit, they have listed his name twice.

He’s apparently a sports agent, and therefore a man who is uniquely skilled in environmental and energy matters.

That PO Box 8061 in Dunedin also appears to be well used for other quasi political matters

– Sunstainable Dunedin City Inc

– Big Green Challenge

Yeah, and the Rover Car Club of Otago.  That sounds environmentally responsible to me.

No wonder Roger is important enough to get listed twice.  His PO Box has half of Dunedin’s mail coming to it.


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  • Callum

    The Rover Club is VERY environmentally friendly, their cars are alway broken down.