Is this satire or more hippy madness?

It is bloody hard to tell if it is satire. I have come to the conclusion that Alecia Simmonds is just another hippy weirdo:

Here are five reasons why feminists should try to eliminate meat:

1. Eating meat is associated with male power in its most vile and repugnant forms.

In a logic that sounds positively mystical, real men, we are told, should be physically strong and virile, which means killing and eating strong animals.

This is why cookbooks aimed at men focus on the barbecue. Anything less might turn them into gay homosexual fops. For instance, the Newtown killer used a rifle manufactured by a company called Bushmaster. Upon purchase, Bushmaster offers you a “man card” that is revoked if you’re caught, among other things, “eating tofu”. Why? Because real men eat meat. Sissies do not.

In rejecting meat, feminists – both women and men – are rejecting a potent symbol of patriarchal power. 

2. The ill treatment of animals makes the abuse of women tolerable. Following on from my first point, if men get to eat the meat, then women, alas, are consigned to the less savoury role of being the meat. A woman can be hunted like a “bunny” and pursued like a “vixen” or “fox”. Women exist as prey. Equating women with animals undermines respect for them because animals are treated so barbarously. When women are likened to animals it means that they exist as objects to be possessed and consumed.

3. Vegetarians, like feminists, care about language. Violence is made possible through euphemistic or derogatory words that distance us from the feelings of the victim. Just as calling a baby cow “veal” makes it more appetising, so too does calling a woman “slut” make it easier to abuse her. We say chicken leg, rather than leg of a chicken, because it helps us not to think of the dead animal, and we say foie gras rather than force-fed geese with exploding livers because the latter is rather off-putting.

Vegetarians, like feminists, are engaged in the process of renaming. “Meat is murder” sang Morrissey, reminding us that meat can only exist if an animal has been killed. Feminists have also spent decades explaining that rape is violence, not sex.

4. Feminists and vegetarians share a common project of ending discrimination based on arbitrary distinctions. We are all, at our base, animals. So why should one animal species be outside the realm of our compassion?

Animals are sentient beings that think, hope and feel pleasure and pain, so why deny them basic rights? Much of the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of Western philosophers who imagined a world where animals and the environment were instruments to human ends. The same body of thought that argued humans were divinely or naturally appointed to rule over animals also thought that men should rule over women and masters should rule over slaves. Might was right.

Feminists have long sought to dismantle these distinctions in the quest for equality, so why would we stop at animals?

5. Feminists and vegetarians believe that the personal is political. Just as we tell male partners that the minutia of who unpacks the dishwasher each night really matters, so too do we need to remind ourselves that what goes into our mouths also matters.


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  • PlanetOrphan

    So … distractions, man-flu, fatigue are all symptoms of meat eating.
    Those weirdo hippies would really Hate me then :-{
    Of course the fact that I’d lose 10kg in a month a fall over dead means nothing to them either, just another dead man walking, spreading the hatred like us “men” do ….
    Next they’ll be telling us we only do Yoga to meet women M8!

  • Cadwallader

    I eat meat as it makes my cock hard, me horny and my testosterone flow wildly. Despite the aforementioned I still veer well away form hairy feminists. Satire?

  • Bunswalla

    “Animals are sentient beings that think, hope and feel pleasure…”

    Clearly it’s satire, and not even very good satire. I wonder what animals hope for? This bunny boiler is obviously desperate for a shag, has worn her vibrator down to a nub, and is understandably bitter about the fact that every man on the planet recognises her as a Super Mega Fugly (with a hanging haemorrhoid twist).

    Although I agree that men use animal names to label women – fox, vixen, kitten etc. Here’s another one – pig.

    • Steve (North Shore)

      Men name their boats after women as well.
      Would you name your boat “Reginald” or “Alisdair” or “Steve”

      • Cadwallader

        For the identical reason I wouldn’t name a boat “Helen” either.

        • Travis Poulson

          Why? It hasn’t gone down on Peter yet..

  • I linked this to a pro meat-low carb group…..can’t wait to see the blow up.. ;-)

  • Michael

    Animals raised for slaughter would not have any life elsewise. As long has they have been treated well and killed humanely then I have no problem with meat. After all, in nature a carnivore predator does not treat its catch very well, usually is whacks its claws in and bites at the animal until it collapses from exhaustion.

  • PlanetOrphan

    Here’s one I got berated for cause I’d make them starve ….
    “Plants Have Feelings too You Know :-))” …. Haven’t they read the research.

  • Mediaan

    Never mind the philosophy, though it’s quite right to consider these things.

    We need to take a look at the public health costs of people gorging themselves on too much meat.

    A typical grey-faced guy of fifty with a sedentary job and a stomach distended already would be far healthier if he cut his meat, egg and dairy consumption to something around half. Then I wouldn’t have part of the eleven billion dollar a year health bill for mending this dimwitted lump of – um – meat sapiens.

    • Mark

      Processed foods, carbs and sugar do far more damage than meat.

  • P1LL

    My food eats plants & grass so therefore I am a vegetarian :P

    Does Alecia not like to be eaten out ?

  • maninblack

    maybe satire? have a read through her twitter feed.