Is this why Winston Peters won’t condemn Prosser’s comments on Wogistanis?

Winston Peters is a slimy weasel at the best of times.

Ever since Richard Prosser started his jihad on Wogistanis his leader Winston Peters has weaselled around the issue.

This video, posted by Dannews perhaps goes some way to explaining why Winston Peters finds it difficult condemn Richard Prosser.

The media gives Winston Peters a free ride far too often. The slimy little git needs to be held to account.

When ever he adds “with respect” to the end of his statements you know he is actually insulting you, and he has no respect at all.

He is a snake, and a smear on the body politic.

National is quietly planning to cut a deal with Peters, I am of a mind to run a campaign to prevent that happening. I’d rather National went into opposition than do a deal with a slimy snake like Winston Peters.


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  • A nonny mouse

    I’m on Winston’s side with this one – calling something that’s a quote when it isn’t is absolutely shoddy journalism. The interviewer was being more of a weasel than Winston was.

  • The only deal that I would be happy to see National cutting with Peters is the one that sees him stand aside as an MP as an absolute prerequisite to any post-election negotiations., Then and only then will we see whether NZF has any future as a stand-alone party, or whether is really is Winston First.

  • Dan
  • BR

    In this instance Winston Peters has a point.

    Kim hill is the slimy weasel.

    Kim Hill misquoted Winston Peters. When Winston Peters pulls her up on it, she blathers on about the polls and then goes on to ask irrelevant, waste of time questions about his opinion of other people in parliament. At that point Winston Peters should have told her to mind her own business.