It’s called terrorism in other countries

Look at these drop kicks. I think a spell in the cells for a few years might sort them out.

A new, more aggressive and highly organised breed of boy racer, who police say see them as targets, has emerged in Christchurch.

Acting Sergeant Clay Penrose, of the Canterbury road policing group, said a marked resurgence in boy racer activity had brought with it “hard-core” elements, who displayed a “gang-mentality” never encountered before.

Social networking was used not only to organise gathering places, but to air aggressive comments about what boy racers want to do to police, some of which was being carried out.

Even an effective “anti-team policing” unit had been created, where members wore sweatshirts with FTP ( f… the police) emblazoned on the back. 

The hard core minority were actively targeting officers:

In late December, boy racers surrounded a lone police officer’s patrol car, rocking the vehicle and spray-painting the back windscreen. The officer was unharmed.

Last month, police dispersing a gathering found one person refusing to move from the middle of the road. They stood with their back – and FTP letters – facing police.

Last weekend, a group of boy racers congregated outside the central police station in the early hours, coinciding with a patrol squad finishing their shift.


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  • williamabong

    Unbelievable these little arseholes can get away with this shit, but I suppose if the cops broke a few of their smarmy faces it would be on Youtube in an hour and the bleeding heart liberal brigade would be screaming the house down, Fairfax would have published a huge expose on police brutally, and the Gweens would be calling for an enquiry.

    But if a large group of concerned citizens, with say an ex military background, were to meet up for a sporting event, say a baseball game, and a BBQ, and it just happened to be in the same place as the untouchable youth choose to meet, they could ask them to join in, there could be no guarantee however that some of the youngsters might not got bumped, after all baseball at night could be dangerous, and some cars may get burnt from parking too close to the BBQ, but at least everyone would have fun, and that’s what these little pricks tell us they want to do.

  • steve and monique

    Just a bunch of dickheads.Roll out the mobile crusher.

    • Cadwallader

      Agree crush away but leave the occupants in the cars!

    • williamabong

      Great idea, so how many cars have been crushed?, by my recollection 1 and the politicians made a huge song and dance about, stop fucking around and actually do something, one a day would a good start
      Remember when you shake the shit out of a politician all you get left with is an arsehole and a briefcase

  • blokeintakapuna

    Young, dumb… And full of testosterone…

    • unsol

      Which in fairness includes every male until they hit 30 (sexual peak apparently).

    • Pissedoffyouth

      These guys tend to end up buying Harleys and old V8’s and still act like children going fast – yet you never see the cops complain about them doing a burnout at a funeral

  • Bunswalla

    Cops. Glocks. Problem solved?

  • unsol

    “I think a spell in the cells for a few years might sort them out”

    Oh, and the rest.

    Here’s a couple of thoughts:

    Charge all their parents with failing to provide a duty of care (as in bringing their children up so that they are mature, responsible, contributing members of society…..throw in all the bludging parents into this while you are at it).

    Impound, sell of all their high tech gear then crush their cars

    Ban them from driving anything for the next 10 years until the grow the fuck up

    Ban them from consuming any alcohol until they grow the fuck up – yep, include bludgers, silly girls & the middle aged piss-heads while you are at it

    Make them do community work for the council – rubbish, street cleaning, toilet cleaning you name it


    Make it illegal for anyone to lend money to buy a car worth more than $2000 or car parts worth more than $500 more than once in any given year

    And that’s just with 1 sec on brainstorming. Feel free to add some more ideas.

    • williamabong

      Stop pissing around, time for some genuine vigilante justice, if every time these little shits set up shop a dozen suitably dressed, black clothing and balaclavas, men or women,clutching baseball bats and steel bars popped in to provide a warm welcome, not tea and tiny cakes, but fucking good hiding and smashed the fuck out the flash cars, all the while filming the little arseholes crying like babies,then stick that on You Tube.
      As thick as they are they would soon stop their antics, this would free up the police to go back to the serious jobs like helping little old ladies across the road.

      • unsol

        Definitely keen on smashing up their cars – had my eye on the car of a young girl who lives near here actually. But their person? No way. There is no justification for violence ever.

        • williamabong

          Therein lies the problem becase they wouldn’t hesitate to shine their shoes on you.

          • unsol

            They could try….

            But what does that matter? I am better than them & if I am going to kick their arse it will be in a way that is smarter & permanent. There are plenty of ways to get back at people where they are most vulnerable without becoming a common thug.

          • williamabong

            The first thing we need to get into our heads is, they don’t care, they get caught, we fine them, they put it on the bill and carry on just like before.
            I supervised some on these clowns on PD and they were proud to have run up a bill of $40 – 50 k with the courts and didn’t give a fuck, they don’t think about tomorrow just today, and don’t give a fuck about what you or society thinks of them, hence the behaviour outside the ChCh police station
            If want change the whole situation needs a review from the top down,but then that would mean politicians have to make some decisions and we all know that ain’t going to happen.

          • unsol

            They don’t care because they have not been made to care. Prison on its own is too easy – as you would clearly know many of them think they are a bit of a hero when they get arrested etc & love to adopt terms like “Boss” like it is the next big thing in mag wheels.

            I’m not talking about fines – don’t agree with fines as few of the little wankers ever pay anything.

            I’m talking about a multi-faceted approach that essentially hits them in the face (metaphorically speaking!) like a Molotov cocktail.

            Getting the politicians to make some hard calls would be a fantastic start, but of course what MP would do that? Quite often they would be pissing off the rich kid’s parents – i.e the ones that go to the same schools as their kids (and this applies to ALL parties).

            My ideas are just ideas, but I think they would be a start in the right direction in terms of finding real solutions that have longevity.

            Another one came to mind – police need to go to all areas that they race around, set up those plastic blockade things (but colourless so they cant be seen until it is too late) so no one can get hurt then set up road spikes so the spin out. Then have the dogs on hand to catch the runners – I could lend our GS boy…he loves growling at assholes, then arrest the lot & impound & crush the cars. They could do by moving from one town to the next with no hints of when they might do it. And they could keep tabs just like they do on would-be pedophiles. Then they could fine the kids & their parents and if this isnt paid within 30 days they have the right to repossess assets/contents. What do you reckon? More your style?

          • williamabong

            We are starting to head in the right direction, the first point to remember is that the ringleaders aren’t stupid, quite the opposite, many times they aren’t driving the flash cars, they will be driving some old shitbox they paid a few hundred dollars for,it will have rego and a warrant, and for all intents they will be squeaky clean, but they will be the ones calling the shots.
            If the police are given the resources and the information to take these few out of the game the followers will disband and disappear, removing the ringleaders and squashing a few flash cars would be a good start
            Another point is you don’t find them smoking up the local MPs street or the local councillors road, ever wonder why?
            If the police used some of the tools available to them properly these serial pests would be a thing of the past, also constant public pressure on politicians may bring about some change, pissing down the publics back and trying to convince them it’s raining will achieve what it has up to now, nothing

          • unsol

            I agree.

        • Tom

          Small ballpein hammer is what you want

  • thor42

    “Small penis syndrome”.

    Big flash noisy car and arsehole attitude = small penis.

    • williamabong

      BCSD -Big car small dick syndrome

  • williamabong

    These guys are organized, in fact a hard core is very well organized, the rest are drones that hang around to look cool, I worked with one of the hard core and was shocked with the almost military precision that they work with.
    If you think you are going to solve the problem holding hands round the campfire drinking Milo you’re in lala land, the only thing these guys are afraid of is getting their heads busted and the cars smashed up.

  • LabTested

    Simply – Compulsory 3rd party insurance for all cars. Without which you can not get a warrant.

    No warrant, car gets pulled off the road until said insurance/warrant is provided.

    Let the little shits go & buy insurance on the open market

    • williamabong

      Start making parents and finance companies take some hurt in the pockets, take the cars and don’t give them back ever.
      From memory there used to be a law designed around gangs that gave the police wide powers to deal with this sort of event.
      Start taking all the cars, you’re here with this lot, sorry son you’re walking it’s our car now, watch the groups shrink then.

    • Callum

      Sorry but you are seriously out of the loop.
      Complulsory insurance will do nothing except add cost to the already responsible.
      Financed up your late model Evo? Well insurance is part of the deal, you cannot finance a car without insurance. So all the lunatics HP’d to the hilt running over kittens and children are already insured. Your plan just failed badly.
      Remember having insurance is easy, getting the payout when needed is hard.

      • LabTested

        Yes I am definitely outside of your loop.

        In the real world 14% of nz cars do not have any form of insurance. The “already responsible” as you call them, already have insurance. So making 3rd party insurance compulsory will not impact them at all, but will target the irresponsible. Linking it to warrant or licencing will make it easier for cops doing spot checks & make it easier to pull these cars off the road.

        The little shit who hit me had no form of insurance whatsoever. Probably because no insurance company would touch them. Compulsory 3rd party would have made them change their car or behaviour or get a bus.

        I don’t know what Evo is of what finance companies have got to do with it. As I say, I am outside your loop.

        • Saccharomyces

          Or people will just drive their cars with no rego, WOF or insurance, as tehy are now…..

        • Callum

          And if you are with a decent insurer you will be cover for IDENTIFIED uninsured drivers with no loss of no claims discount or excess to pay. (if you can’t identify them then you weren’t going to get paid whether they were insured or not).

          Normally I am all for personal responsibility and everyone paying their own way but a compulsory insurance market will simply force up costs for everyone as it WILL effectively remove competition and also will likely end up with the low risk drivers cross subsiding the high risk . Will only take one front page story about a poor DPB mum who can’t afford to insure her car and take her kids to the doctor (due to bad driving history of her own doing) and the top end will get capped requiring the bottom end (low risk, already insured drivers) to rise to balance it out. Not to mention being insured is no guarantee of being able to make a claim, drunk or knowingly unsafe vehicle already results in denied claims and the victim ends up relying on their own insurance anyway.

          Realistically you are still going to get uninsured drivers the same as you get no WoF/rego/licence drivers now so why do you think insurance will be better enforced? Tougher rules have come in for this not to long ago (demerit points for no WoF/rego), have the police hammer those and you will remove a large portion of uninsured drivers anyway without adding costs to the reponsible.

          The Evo (Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, one of the high performance boy racer cars of choice) and finance company references was due to the usual claims of 18 year olds driving around in high performance death traps financed to the hilt that usually accompany calls for compulsory insurance. Basically they are untrue as the financed to the hilt type are already required to be insured in order to get and retain their insurance. If you don’t pay the insurance the car gets repo’d.

  • davcav

    Plant an incendiary device activated by GPS on their cars. Anything over 140km/p it goes off.

  • Wallsingham

    Humiliation, attempted intimidation and contempt of the police will have consequenes for the perpetrators, public and police. Better that this is handled effectively, quickly and seen as such by the Minister.

  • Mr_Blobby

    What a bunch of retarded comments. Its called escalation. They hit one of yours, you put one of theirs in hospital. They pull a knife you pull a Gun.