It’s raining… C#nts


Well, this is a real contender, isn’t it? We even have the Rich Prick theme going on.




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  • Dave

    Entitlement issue, driving a BMW, parking as a C#*t….Well, we are above the rest!

  • Orange

    Can’t the person read the sign? It says PLEASE. It doesn’t say “keep off the grass or I’ll have road rage, write a rude sign, post your details on the internet, pay nazi dues.”

  • blokeintakapuna

    “Please keep off the grass” will have so many of Dr. Norml’s voter base upset, they’ll demand an inquiry!

  • cows4me

    Shit you townies have some real grief in your lives, don’t u’s.

    • Dave

      Yes C4M I mean that poor Beamer driver, will have to wash the grass of the tyres and guards when they get home

  • Honcho

    Quicker to pull his valve cores then to write a sign

  • Dr Stoat

    Perhaps its her lawn…

  • fucken?

    so a herald sub-editor wrote the note?

    • Dave

      Definately not, not enough spelling and grammar errors for a Herald sub-editor!