It’s the French way or the highway: Muslim pupils told “It’s pork or no meat”



The Local reports

Pupils at a school in France will no longer be given a substitute meat if they don’t eat pork, as local authorities try to cut down on food waste and costs. Parents have complained about the measure.

From this month onwards the school in the village of Arveyres in the Gironde region of south-west France will no longer offer a meat alternative to those children who do not eat pork, which is forbidden under Jewish and Muslim dietary laws.  

Around 30 of the 180 children used to be offered a substitute meat when pork was on the menu…

Parents of some of those pupils affected have taken umbrage to the decision.

“We are not asking for halal or kosher meat,” one mother told France blue radio. “We just want a meal with substitute protein.”

Certain parents had even offered to cook meals for the children and bring them to school but their offer was dismissed by the town’s mayor because it would be “logistically hard to implement and ethically shocking”.

The mayor of Arveyres, Benoit Gheysens told AFP the move was being taken because of the cost of providing alternative meals, many of which went to waste.

“Often children who did not take the substitute dinner complained as well and left the pork. It distressed the staff to see how much food was wasted,” Gheysens said.

The mayor, who believes the school in Arveyres is not the only one in France facing such a dilemma, has vowed that the children will get all the protein they need saying vegetables, salads and lentils will be offered when pork is on the menu.

The mayor said pork was served no more than once a week.

The issue of halal meat is often a controversial topic in France and has been used as a political football, especially when elections approach.

Oh sure, nothing to do with halal meat at all.  Pull the other one.

Fascinating that the local mayor is involved in the provision of school lunches.  The French really have taken socialism to an absurd level.

What’s wrong with getting each child to bring their own lunch?

Problem solved.


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  • Orange

    That’s what Campbells wants; it to be illegal for parents to provide food to their children.

  • Jack The Ladd

    The Poms are no better, the schools also provide lunch. Why can’t kids take their own, or has NZ done it wrong for the last 100 years. I digress, why aren’t the Muslims going to a Muslim school then they can hide in their burkas as well.

    • peterwn

      It is customary in UK to have the main meal at midday, and many workplaces have cafeterias where employees can buy meals. Hence a similar facility is customary in schools.

      • Gazzaw

        School lunches are provided in most US states as well. To remove them would be almost impossible even if there was a call to do it. The catering lobby would see to that.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Even so if you don’t like whats on offer then feel free to bring your own.

  • Mr_Blobby

    What happened to all the chatter about breakfast in schools for children.

    • Lion_ess

      It’s on hold while Shearer refines his lion-man technique.

  • My US school is a PITA in many ways but it provides a cafeteria with discriminatory (mostly fastfood ) choices to make my life easier. If they, (the kids) don’t like the menu I make them ham sandwiches which would have been a fuckin luxury when I was a child.

  • thor42

    Good stuff! If the Muslims moan, they can bring their own food to school. Whining, pathetic savages.

  • thehawkreturns

    The Jews do not complain. They provide their children with food themselves and adapt to the culture in which they live. Muslims complain about unfair treatment and demand the local majority population change to accommodate them. They work on white guilt. Until they have the power to force the change and kill non-muslims according to Muslim (Sharia) legal requirements. I am not clear if they are entitled to eat the dead bodies of their victims according to Sharia which may have been written before school lunches were instituted.

    • Glenn

      > ‘…and adapt to the culture in which they live… complain about
      unfair treatment and demand the local majority population change to
      accommodate them…work on white guilt. Until … power to
      force the change …kill …. I am not clear if they are entitled to eat the dead
      bodies of their victims…’

      Does that attitude remind you of any particular ethnic minority in this country?