Julia Gillard wins more votes when out of the public eye

For some politicians shutting up and saying and doing nothing is a valid option. David Shearer is one of those. Labour went up in the polls over Christmas while everyone including Shearer was on holiday, the moment parliament started and he started yapping on Labour’s poll rating stumbled like his speaking.

Julia Gillard faces the same issue, which is problematic given Australia is in election year:

The best way for Gillard to improve her standing with the voters, it turns out, is to disappear.

“Her vote improved while she was away” on holidays, says the pollster for Newspoll, Martin O’Shannessy. “It’s something I’ve noticed the last couple of times Parliament’s been in recess too.” 

The best thing about Australia having an election this year is going to be the nasty attack ads…like this one from the Liberals.

I don’t know why the Liberals bother attacking Rudd…his own videos are an unmitigated disaster anyway:


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  • johnbronkhorst

    Is this similar to the learned statement…”It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.”?

  • Patrick

    State election in WA very shortly & the state Labour Party has asked Julia not to visit prior to the election as she will hurt their election chances – what does that say about what the voters think of Julia?

  • onelaw4all

    Just imagine if she could stay out of the public “ear” also?