Just let the dog squad have some training

Looks like there was another dog squad training opportunity in Christchurch yesterday:

Police formed a human barricade to stop factions clashing in a white power protest today in Christchurch.

Sergeant Greg Hume said about 50 skinheads and around 100 anti-racist protestors hurled abuse at each other at a White Power Day annual rally in St Albans this afternoon.

About a dozen officers positioned themselves between the opposing groups. 

Just let the dogs at them. Should be fixed in a jiffy. Those skinhead poofters aren’t so tough with an Alsatian chewing on their arm or leg…like these rowdies got in the UK:


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  • Steve R

    I don’t want to see the police state completely take over but . Just think what the brits would have done to those nazis just after the war . How soon we forget .

  • unsol

    What is it with CHCH & its ugly elements?

    Btw, Alsatian – not technically correct. They are the Deutscher Schäferhund – German Shepherd dog. Bred in Germany to shepherd sheep & cattle. Hence a German Shepherd.

    Both names reference the exact same breed – there are no differences (despite what some claim), but Alsatian is just an historically incorrect term. Alsatian is from Alsace in France. During the world war britishers named it Alsatian, after the German French border area of Alsace-Lorraine…primarily because they didn’t want to use the word German in reference to their beloved pet or working dog.

    We have GSD hence our interest.

    And if you are going to push for a police state, well there are a few other groups I wouldn’t mind seeing the police dogs getting their teeth stuck into…..some even comment on here.

    • parorchestia

      I think you’ve got the wrong St Albans folks. The trees aren’t in leaf and the buildings aren’t ChCh – they seem to be St Albans England – the town north of London that is full of twits and idiots and Muslims. Everyone is talking in a pommie accent and the pavement is paved in English-type pavers – we don’t have these in ChCh. Even the seats are of a style we don’t have.

      Now say “sorry ChCh,” all you Jaffas.

      • unsol

        What are you talking about? The post was about the white power protest in CHCH yesterday & the video, as clearly stated, is about a riot in the UK. Hence the different uniform, choice of dogs, different accents & football flags etc

  • cows4me

    I’m betting the shit stirrers were very grateful the police showed up. God forbid, it might have turned into an all in brawl and someone might have got the crap beaten out of them. The police should have sealed the area off, and let them go for it. They may not be as keen next time.

    • fozzie2

      Too right cows – and if they hold another of their little get togethers again I hope 1000s have the guts to turn up to protest them – nothing like being shown that you are outnumbered

  • Rodger T

    Why stop them?

  • StupidDisqus

    Better the Glock squad than the Dog squad!