Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water

It’s been a week or two since El Presidente Patrick Lee-Lo has been mentioned. He might have thought the pain was all over.

As seen here first Patrick Lee-Lo is taking another one in the chook. Anyone looking for new franchising opportunities will see the Franchise Association giving him another good shellacking.

They also give Paddy’s members another reason to exit the BSC cartel again highlighting Joyce’s changes to Government procurement which now gives NZ suppliers a full and fair chance at government contracts. Why pay $20,000 in membership fees when the cartel is falling apart? 

Via the tip-line, the latest is that a number of BSC members have lodged formal complaints about El Presidente Patrick Lee-Lo and Marja Verkerk for breaching Rule 19.

Makes you wonder if El Presidente Patrick Lee-Lo will get a clock from the two that signed Rule 19?



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  • LionKing

    Further unrest at the BSC is becoming evident as these complaints have stirred up a hornets nest. Patrick is out to get the “fish-gang” any way he can, even if it means trying to expel certain companies that are making the complaints.

    Further to this, as you’ve given attention to the $1.8m the BSC is sitting on, other members are now starting to ask what that money is there for and why isn’t it being used for the benefit of its members. If unsatisfactory answers are given, then there’s a push to have the association wound up and that money distributed to its members.