Kevin Rudd must sit down to pee, bottles another coup

Kevin Rudd has bottled yet another coup, good grief but the man is a coward.

Even worse he left his numbers man Simon Crean out on a limb and he is now sacked.

Crean had previously backed Gillard and swapped in a very public fashion today to force the leadership ballot that never happened because Kevin Rudd showed all the courage of David Cunliffe.

Before the ballot took place Obeid’s mate and Labor powerbroker said:

“If she wins, she is dead in the water anyway.”

In the end Rudd bottled it.  

Let me just say a few things guys.

When I say to my parliamentary colleagues and to the people at large across Australia that I would not challenge for the Labor leadership – I believe in honouring my word.

Others treat such commitments lightly. I do not.

I’ve been very plain about that for a long period of time.

Secondly, I said that the only circumstances under which I would consider a return to the leadership would be if there was an overwhelming majority of the Parliamentary Party requesting such a return – drafting me to return. And the position was vacant.

I am here to inform you that those circumstances do not exist. And therefore in the absence of any such draft, notwithstanding what Simon Crean had to say this morning, I will be adhering absolutely to the commitments I gave to the Australian people and to my Parliamentary colleagues.


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  • Must bring back great memories for David Cunliffe too.

  • blokeintakapuna

    If only Shearer had the personal integrity and conviction to stand by his own words too, instead of being so hypocritical and farcical around ‘forgetting’ huge pots of stashed cash around the world…

    • StupidDisqus

      Well then he’d have resigned, wouldn’t he?

      Hell, he’d have disbanded the labour party and the unions, and then resigned.

  • Tony

    Not sure that I agree. My thinking was that if he took the reins now he would turn into a Mike Moore. He would have been there long enough to preside over a huge defeat and be killed off shortly into the next term. This way Rudd will get to be the leader a little later – but will almost certainly remain there longer.

    • Gazzaw

      I agree Tony. There was nothing in this for KRudd – the best that he would ever be able to do would be to reduce the September results from a massacre to a massive defeat. Gillard fucked them totally by calling for the vote at 4.30pm.

  • Mishi

    Sitting down to pee is not a bad thing! Besides there are plenty of women in the world that have more cojones than a lot of blokes.

    • StupidDisqus

      Ruth for one!

  • cows4me

    What a bunch of useless wasters, Crean must be spewing. Aussies must be wondering why these pricks still believe they have a mandate to govern. Politicians claim they enter political life to serve the public, pigs arse they do it’s all about how long they can keep their useless carcasses in the swill.

    • StupidDisqus

      They are leftist unionists. They always believe they have a mandate to govern, no matter what the polls or election results actually say.

      In the final analysis, the only way to disabuse them of that notice is at the point of a gun.

  • Mr_Blobby

    To what end he already has the baubles of ex leadership.

  • AnonWgtn

    Who would want to take over Labor to get the the blame for being totally munted in September – let it be Gillard’s legacy.
    Good move Rudd – chess can be fun too.

  • Patrick

    Gutless fool Rudd has thrown his supporters under a bus as Gillard purges the dissenters. Gillard is weakened but Rudd now looks like Captain Mannering from Dads Army.

    • Dumrse

      Quite the contrary I would suggest. Tony and Gazzaw are spot on the money, Rudd is the wise man here.

  • Anonymouse Coward

    I must admit I have a grudging admiration for Julia Gillard and her legislative achievements.

    Watching her is like watching a cricket team with no opening batsmen, no middle order, and a useless bowling attack steadily put runs on the score board.

    She not yet made the long walk back to the pavilion when most commentators were picking her time at the crease would be well and truly over by now.

    • StupidDisqus

      Imagine what Key could have achieved with just a pinch of Gillard’s grit.

      Fuck, Key even won an election and actually had a mandate