Key’s message to Shearer



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  • Dave

    To continue Keys Message…. I would recommend he consider a diversified portfolio, and back winners. The first lazy $100K should be invested in Mighty River Power shares. The next $400K in offshore assets, its too risky to invest it all in NZ given you Mr Shearer or the Labour party might form government at some point. The balance……..

    • sandynobb

      The balance should be invested in a company that makes expensive printer ink.

      • Gazzaw

        ………and wooden bicycles.

      • “expensive printer ink” is a tautology.

        • sandynobb

          I had in mind a particular (saucy) company that prints its profit from ink.

          • Dave

            A sauce one uses with old sheep meat…….. How appropriate!!

  • blokeintakapuna

    Shearer the 1%er attempting to portray himself as a humble worker. Trouble is… He’s not only a rich prick beyond most people’s wildest hopes… He’s also just a prick.

  • cows4me

    I see Red Russell has been stirring the shit. He features with a post on The Blaze claiming the New Zealand government is seriously considering a Cyprus like grab on bank deposits should one of our banks go tits up. If Red Russell was in power we wouldn’t need a bank failure for a deposit grab it would be standard practice for the commies.

    • Mediaan

      Question Time, Parliament, Wednesday – see Steven Joyce reply. They are, but it seems to be a worldwide or western agreement thing (just my impression) and way in the background. Not expected ever to be used.

  • Phar Lap

    Remember he was a rich prick in drag before he came out.He gets a thousand dollars a day now for misleading the nation.

    • JonathanP

      And Key gets even more. Pretty sweet deal huh

  • JonathanP

    Had Key Stepped down or Banks after Shearer and Labours jibes then HELL YES Shearer should stand down. Did they? NO. If its good enough for the government then whats the difference with the opposition.
    As for the money, well its all speculation, it could be $50,000, it could be $5,000,000
    People can only guess and throw exciting figures around to make it seem like more than it might actually be.
    Is he the first politician to fuck up? No
    Will he be the last? No
    Is he crooked? Aren’t they all to some degree?