Kris Fa’afoi, blessed with a special kind of stupidity

A warning for crap MPs who are so desperate for attention that they tell lies – only to be quickly found out.

Step forward Kris Faafoi (again), who let cops down by missing a graduation, only to be busted by me for being at a barbecue instead.

This time, the stupid boy put out a release claiming there are major police cuts in the Waikato and dozens of job losses.

But, oh dear. There quickly followed a press release from Waikato cops who put the boot into Fa’afoi saying;

“there are no planned cuts to staffing or service levels…”

“Despite what has been said, the review we are currently undertaking is not about reducing staff numbers, but is about ensuring we have the right structure in place that allows our staff to deliver the right services to the right people in our communities at the right time.”

And the killer blow; 

Mr van der Velde says there have been no cuts to the District’s budget.

So Fa’afoi is continuing to get offside with the cops – not a great look for an opposition spokesperso

Anne Tolley was quick to stick the stilleto in hard.

“Crime rates have fallen for two years in a row and are now at a thirty year low.

“This is hard for Labour to swallow. They would rather criticise and scaremonger over every change the Police make, rather than applaud them for trying to deliver a better service and to keep our communities safe.

“It shows how out of touch Labour is with the Police and the public.

Kris Faafoi is just hopeless. He has become Labour’s very own Private Pike.


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  • blokeintakapuna

    Any publicity is good publicity isn’t it? Maybe he’s envious of Hone’s notoriety and is trying to compete?

    • williamabong

      Or maybe he is the original dopey c#nt.

      • johnbronkhorst

        No the original dopey cunt has been lost in the mists of time…but you can rest assured, it was a labour MP… Much copied and emulated, fa’afoi, hipkins, ardern, are just part the current crop. mallard, goff, king part of the previous crop…Sullivan, wetterei (spelling) into history. Notice called by CROP as they are all vegetables by intellect!!

  • blazer

    ‘is not about reducing staff numbers, but is about ensuring we have the right structure in place that allows our staff to deliver the right services to the right people in our communities at the right time.”……anyones guess what this means!

    • Bunswalla

      Send me a big piece of paper and your favourite crayon and I’ll spell it out for you. Then you can go and ask your mum and she’ll make it all better.

      • unsol

        You’re on fire today Buns! Laugh out loud!

      • blazer

        some people should not even attempt humour…you are 1 of them bunso.

    • Cadwallader

      There is no guess work here…it is a literal depiction. You are a F-F-Faa foi type of idiot!

  • pauleastbay

    But I can confirm he was at Pasifika last Saturday, just in case there is debate in future years when his true legacy to our Parliament is evaluated. A lonely tragic figure he cut to, the biggest Pacific event in the world and no body even knows who this nob is.

    • Gazzaw

      Unfortunately Paul ‘this nob’ as you most generously describe him is costing the taxpayer $150k a year.

      • JeffDaRef

        Yes but prior to that we were still paying his way, and probably a similar salary, when he worked for TVNZ – so at least now he isnt on telly as often…thank heavens for small mercies!!

  • Pete George

    Unfortunately Labour MPs seem to have a habit of promoting either blatant bull or deliberate misinformation (lies) – it’s not clear which. Mallard is renowned for it, I’ve seen it from Cosgrove, and David Clark seems to have been taught in the same school.

  • unsol

    Thank you WO for yet another public service – I saw this on Stuff yesterday so waited for something to be said on the 6pm news & nothing….figured it was probably BS but was worried as it isnt a good look at all. Waikato crime may have dropped in some way (e.g. car theft & murder), but property burglary & assaults seem to have increased with the over all crime rate flat lining – I just looked up the police report on Waikato for period ending 30 June. So good to know that the police will still have the resources & man power to do their job.

  • Phar Lap

    Yet on the news at 2.00pm there was Fa’afoi berating the Australians for tempting our Police to emigrate to Australia.Seems he wasn’t too worried about them at a Christmas Passing out Parade,he was missing then,as the shadow Min of Police when he chose to be at a barbecue run by Shearer a UN reject, now masquerading as a politician.Seems Fa ‘afoi an ex reporter with the Liebour Party channnel TVNZ, and Shearer have something in common ,both losers.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Very unfair people. Who built the prisons that enabled criminals to be locked up longer. ergo not available to commit crimes.

    Admittedly we could have built more if they where 5 star shit holes and not 5 star hotels.

  • Ronnie Chow

    I haven’t seen a coconut yet that doesn’t revert to stupidity after 2 drinks