Labour Ready for Local Government Elections, What is National Up to?

Len Brown is cruising to reelection and turning Auckland into a city of train using slum apartment dwellers. He is being aided and abetted by the National Party, who are too useless to do anything about local government elections, even when they come around every three years and everyone knows they are coming around.

This is part of an email to Labour activists in Auckland. Similar messages have been sent to Labour activists in other parts of the country.

City Vision Local Government Planning session – Saturday 9th March from 1pm

City Vision has been running a series of workshops for progressive candidates across the Auckland region as preparation for the Auckland local government elections on 12 October 2013.

The focus of the March workshop is building and developing your local campaign team.  At the end of this workshop you will be able to form and develop an effective team to support you and your fellow candidates in your election campaign.  There will be a fourth workshop in early July to help you to maximise the impact of your personal election profile document and your materials for use in the election.  For more information contact Gwen Shaw on [email protected]

When: Saturday 9 March, 1pm-4pm
Where: St Peter’s Church, 184 Onehunga Mall, cnr Church St

It would be really helpful if you could confirm your attendance to [email protected] as we are providing afternoon tea.

Look forward to seeing you there.

So Labour are organised, what is National up to? Or C&R? 

Bugger all as far as anyone can tell.

C&R have not told convicted, drunken idiot C&R community board chair Michael Williams to resign. They have not got C&R whatever they are now called, to start training candidates, raise money and stop being so bloody useless.

Those outside Auckland might not know that the geniuses at C&R decided that they needed a rebrand. Why no one really knows, as few people recognised the brand anyway, and the results at the last election were so bad that C&R needed life support, not a rebrand.

The rebranded C&R wasted many, may hours rebranding instead of becoming competent. They did not go out and fundraise, failing to build a war chest to take on Len Brown and Labour across Auckland. They are still scrabbling around trying to find candidates. They haven’t got a credible plan for local board campaigns, and no one from National has asked hard questions about why. Probably because the answer is “you need to do some work because we are useless.”

Labour will win the supercity elections because they are trying. They will be dressed up as City Vision, but they are still Labour, and they will use local government to train up a bunch of activists while National does bugger all.

The lack of leadership from National going into the local body elections is no surprise but someone should be held to account. National’s preferred approach is to bury their head in the sand and ignore the training opportunities that abound in local body elections. Training for candidates, training for campaign teams, training for get out the vote initiatives.

In Auckland the buggers muddle have really dropped the ball, doing nothing to ensure the right don’t get hammered by Labour in October.

Labour aren’t so squeamish about being involved in local body politics and as a consequence they will walk all over National and their proxies come November. It is a real shame especially when one of the so-called “luminaries” of C&R also sits on the board of National. The word around town is that he won’t step up and put his name on anything for C&R because he is hoping for a board position or two from National and fears that might taint his applications. He hasn’t thought at all that his general uselessness and inability to ever finish a Dompost crossword might actually be contributing to his lack of positions.


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  • Steve R

    This is as scary as things get. Imagine a election with only one mayoral candidate .
    If I thought I’d get 3 votes I’d stand. My main campaign idea would have a lot to do with core council tasks only spending within budget and absolutely no borrowing for any projects. Oh and by the way. WE DON’T NEED TO BE THE WORLDS MOST LIVABLE CITY we just need to be a city we love . Also social policy is for central government not local.
    Just not sure if my mummy will vote for me.
    Oh yeah that’s right I’ve got a election budget of 100 dollars

    • Sounds better set of policies than Looney Len

    • Sounds similar to what I would pitch for (I said similar).
      Campaign team time? And hey that is $100 more than I got right now <_< but nothing a bit of hard fundraising wouldnt fix

  • That bloody crossword puzzle. I remember who, wait Crossword and Buggers Muddle – I thought he was already on the main board after a tilt back in the big city for so many years or am I thinking of the wrong person Cam?

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Sheep is pretty pleased with Naked Emperor’s lack of interest in the local body elections. Sheep will be using the local body elections as a stepping stone to win the power in 2014. While Naked Emperor is sleeping comfortably, Sheep, slowly but steadily moving towards the victory line. Remember the hare and tortoise story Tories? Get ready to be disappointed soon.

  • Paul S

    National is campaigning vigorously. They are making it crystal clear in the RMA Bill that they want to govern Auckland from the Beehive and override whatever the majority of Aucklamders want.