Labour’s golden handshake hypocrisy

Labour’s been trying to score cheap political points off what they’ve always described as ‘golden handshakes’.

The phrase came into common political parlance the last time Labour was in Opposition.

Back then, Labour vowed to get rid of them, and now they’re back on the same old bandwagon.

Funny thing is, during nine years of a Labour Government, the ‘golden handshakes’ never stopped.

Watch this video: 

In their trade unionist heart of hearts, they know they can’t stop contractual severance payouts. It’s just a bit of cheap political theatre.


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  • How much did they pay to get rid of Christine Rankin?

    • peterwn

      She reached the end of a 5 year contract so I am pretty certain nothing was paid. Legislation covering State Sector and Council CEO’s provide for this and over-rides the Employment Relations Act. Within the five year period, where it cannot be legally proved on the balance of probabilities that a CEO is incompetent, but his or her performance, attitudes, etc are sufficiently problematic that the CEO has lost the trust and confidence of the minister/ board/ council etc and has to go, a payout is inevitable. The CEO is extremely unlikely to gain reinstatement via Employment Relations Authority unless the CEO happens to be s school principal.

      • johnbronkhorst

        True…the Christine Rankin story doesn’t apply here as she reached the end of her contract. Her story was more about, why didn’t they roll her contract over, considering, she was reported by her superiors, to be if not the best CEO, then one of the best the govt. had. Always reaching her targets and getting the job done. Accusations of political bias in appointments was the accusation levelled at Clarke and that numpty prebble was wheeled out to give the excuses. Those same excuses, used in the private sector, would have seen him prosecuted for sexual harassment.

    • JeffDaRef

      There was no payout, but no doubt a big legal bill when she fought it, and even though she “lost” there was a loss of face over the less than “best practice” conduct her case exposed.

  • johnbronkhorst

    labour prey on the ignorant and ill informed. Encouraging that state to exist. They all know the reason for “golden handshakes”. ie They exist because these people are CONTRACTED for a fixed term and if that term is cut short for political (change of govt.) reasons or change of focus or any reason is written into there contracts that they will get … here’s a word labour do understand and use often..
    .C O M P E N S A T I O N.

  • Solidarity

    Plastercine pretsils twisted by hypocrisy and failed ideology.

    They can’t help it though… It’s their heritage and from where they have sprung from and the company they keep. Yep… If they weren’t already the other side of the unions coin, I’d say they deserved each other.

    Toxic parasites alright. The Nasty party… Such an apt name for them.

  • JeffDaRef

    Agree – total hypocrisy!

    In the case of Lesley Longstone, the lazy repeaters harped on about her $425k golden handshake – which in reality was $167k of holiday pay (which she is entitled to, like any worker) and payment in lieu of leave (which is commonplace given the circumstances in which she left).

    The remaining $267k severance payment – when put into perspective of a (reported) salary of $500-600k, with 4 years still to run – the person who negotiated it should probably be applauded!!
    And bearing in mind Longstone would have had extremely strong representations under employment law that Labour themselves (as proxy for their union controllers) fought so hard to implement.
    While “explaining is losing” I would love to see National return fire on issues like this much stronger and knock the left off their high horses.

    • unsol

      Me too, I hate that they seem to take the sling of bullshit lying down.

      But then again, we figured it out & most NZers keep voting them back in so perhaps NZers are more intelligent than what Labour thinks….

    • AnonWgtn

      And she would have paid tax on the lot.

      • Bafacu

        Not necessarily – depends on the structure of the payout and what it comprised.

  • cows4me

    Ah the egalitarian party, each according to ones needs, seems the fucking pigs always need more then everyone else. Of course socialists have to write these golden handshakes into government contracts. They realise that when the people get to see how useless they are in the business world they will need a tidy sum to keep them in the lifestyles they have become accustomed to.

  • unsol

    So WO does this mean you going to take back the misplaced high praise you appeared to give Chippy last week when he made a pathetic little dig at the govt which was indicative of his complete naivety & ignorance re Labour & their love for sneaky shonky deals & golden handshakes???? :)

    As per my email there was many more than this, including that wank Clint Rickards……I know he’s fresh out of nappies, but surely even Chippy must have head about him!

  • blazer

    golden handshakes,golden ‘hellos’,golden parachutes…all over paid prima donnas…the rationale for these huge salaries is seriously flawed.Just compare some of these salaries to what the P.M recieves…obscene.

    • Hazards001

      One of our PM’s was a qualified drainlayer, I’d say he was pretty happy with his salary…come to that two of them have been school teachers, another a farmer(more than one come to think of it). All in all I’d say they’re overpaid!

    • Patrick

      Most MPs would be unemployable at their current rates in the real world where productivity is the main indicator of worth. There are many (on all sides of the political spectrum) where it is almost impossible to list half a dozen achievements in their entire political career – for instance name 6 constructive beneficial (for NZ Inc not himself) things that Winston Peters has contributed.

  • In Vino Veritas

    The funny thing is, no self respecting CEO will take up a role with a Government department unless they get a termination package. Well, the mad and brain dead might.

    With the potential (even greater under MMP) that the Govenment will change during your tenure, and the rules change along with your direct report. If you want to increase the chances of filling all your top positions with candidates of lesser ability, go ahead, put a stop to termination packages. Then we’ll people with the ability of say, Ardern, Norman, Fenton, Little, Moroney, Hipkins et al, who have nothing behind them except political activism and can’t command a large salary anywhere else but working for the Government.