Latest contender for Über C#nt

Via the Tipline

Surely this is the winner for worst parking.
Seen [yester]day, Hamilton City Council parking warden parked outside Waikato University, not only parked on a yellow line but also right across the footpath.
She was happily walking around looking for tickets to issue.
I told her her parking was illegal ….she denied it.
She said she was a parking warden so was allowed



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  • Doubtless your informant also has a front or rear shot of the vehicle including the licence plate number…

  • Cadwallader

    Name her.

  • BigDes

    Don’t need plate number, it’s got 1109 on the door. Post it on council Facebook page.

  • williamabong

    It’s a wonder she didn’t claim to be a Gween Party voter as well, and therefore was saving the planet, real shame we don’t have a photo of her as well, we know what she is, we just need to know what one looks like.

  • Agent BallSack

    I’ve been to Hamilton this is excellent parking and I’m surprised the car is registered.

  • Dave

    Like to see the council justify this, perhaps the manager parking services, and the Council CEO would like to explain why this power hungry authoritarian thinks she can park anywhere. When posting on the council webpage, please include time etc. They have to respond. Wonder if Waikato Times monitors WOBH.

  • Ronnie Chow

    Where’s Clamper Clout when you need him .