Latham on Rudd’s gutlessness and inability to count

Politicians who wish to run coups should always learn to count. Mark Latham, former ALP leader launches into one big long sledge against Kevin Rudd and his cowardice and inability to count along with his an attack on his supporters.

It really is just one big long rant:

“We go through this every time about the inflated Rudd numbers. Kevin Rudd put his hand up for the Labor leadership six times, and in each case he has dramatically inflated his numbers in leaks to the media.

“You had silly Kieran Gilbert on Sky News today saying: ‘Oh, will it be like last time, when Rudd had the numbers and then they fell apart when the ballot was held – his numbers dissipated.’

“Well, he didn’t have the numbers in the first place; I mean, I just get amazed at the gullible nature of the media where, time after time after time after time, they buy the Rudd BS.

“He’s always inflating his numbers. He’s now got [Graham] Richardson, who, more than any other person, has wrecked the modern culture of the Labor Party. Why is Richardson supporting Rudd, and in there working on the numbers? Because Gillard won’t listen to him, you see.

“Richardson is all about difference, unless he’s the main numbers man and the one they listen to, he goes to do you in. He did Rudd in three years ago. He made out that he was a part of the coup against Kevin Rudd because Rudd wasn’t listening to him. Now he wants to be a part of a coup against Gillard because she didn’t listen to him.

“Why don’t people listen to Graham Richardson? I’ll give you one good reason – he’s the man that walked up to Eddie Obeid once and said: ‘Here, on this platter for you, I’ve got a seat in the NSW upper house on behalf of the Labor Party.’

“How can the man who put Eddie Obeid into the NSW Parliament be wandering around talking about political judgment, calling the Prime Minister an idiot? The biggest idiot in Labor politics today is the man who put Obeid in Parliament: Graham Fredrick Richardson.

“I’ve had a gutful of the bloke who was a paid lobbyist for Ron Medich, who got into scandals about Swiss bank accounts. How can you say you’re a Labor man when you’ve set up Swiss bank accounts? Swiss bank accounts worked for Kerry Packer.


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  • Dave

    And Latham is a nice Labour man, who showed so much promise as Leader of the Opposition, he did assault a Journo and smashed his camera, and drove his car at a 7 news reporter, and lasted in parliament how long again…… Truly a nice Labour leader, who then ratted out most of his Liebour colleagues. Cant understand how he didn’t go further, very well qualified Labour Leader.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Labor leader… Murky Swiss bank accounts…
    Labour leader… Hide and seek American bank accounts…

    demonstrated corruption again and again…
    Funded by unions…

    Birds of a feather…