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Hi Cam

Hope you are well.

I have attached a YouTube video of an event that occurred at the underground mine I am working at in Mount Isa.

If you look carefully at the bottom right of the screen you will see a miner using the phone at the portal and the water truck heading into the portal (entrance to the underground mine). The water truck driver not only gave him a dousing on the way in but took the opportunity to turn around in a turning bay just below the portal entrance and come out again to take a second shot. There is some bad language recorded but may provide some light relief for your Friday viewers.

The driver of the water truck had been on site for a number of years (he was 67) and was bought to the surface for disciplinary action. He was seemingly frustrated with his job and connected a swing with his superintendent resulting in the termination of his employment.

I enjoy reading your  blog from over here in the outback and if at any point you were to get across here an underground visit may be able to be arranged to appreciate the technology and scale of this valuable industry.

Video over the break


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  • GregM

    That is so funny, awesome!

  • Orange

    One of the comments says that the people who leaked the video also got sacked. Dat true? Quite funny vid though.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Good on ya mate, he deserved the second dose

  • Gazzaw

    Excellent stuff!! Very funny.

    Jeez, he’s got a great turn of phrase.

  • clearly a case of a fuckwit wanker aussie getting what he deserves for being a lazy bludging loud mouth ass hole.

  • peterwn

    The internet must be a real boon to those poor (not financially) people who work in remote areas and stuck in their dongers when not at work for days at a time.