Len Brown’s wastrel ways return – $10.5 million on travel

While Len Brown talks about making Auckland the most livable city in the world he and his council are busy spending million living anywhere but Auckland.

At a time when Len Brown and his council are socking us for increased rates demands it has been revealed that his spendthrift ways have returned.

Instead of Council credit cards it is a massive $10.5 million travel bill:

Auckland Council has racked up a bill of over $10.5 million for trips around the world, a councillor has revealed today.

Auckland Councillor Cameron Brewer has released the council’s full travel costs for the first two years of the Super City which total $10,570,315.

But the council has defended its spend on travel, saying most of it is domestic, and overseas travel by council finance staff has saved the council about $12.5 million a year.

Brewer obtained the travel costs for Auckland Council and its seven council controlled organisations (CCOs) under the Local Government Official Information Act.

The information showed Auckland Council spent $6.1 million of the total bill, while council bodies Auckland Transport spent $1.3m, ATEED spent $1.12m, and Watercare Services spent over $900,000.

At the lower end of the scale, the smallest bill came in at $4,461 from Auckland Council Investments.

Super City staff have travelled to dozens of countries including Brazil, Chile, India, Finland and Nepal.

If only there was someone, anyone almost, someone articulate, forceful and clever to stand against this shallow little man from South Auckland.


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  • maninblack

    I reckon Cameron Brewer should stand.. least he wants rates and spending cut.

  • ratesarerevolting

    Len Brown is a fucking cunt !

    • Timboh

      HeHe. Soon as I saw the title I opened the comments and you did not disappoint!

      • ratesarerevolting

        Cop this for an example of his nepotism.


        I repeat Len Brown is a fucking cunt !

        • Dave

          Yes, Daddy looking after daughter!! Notice the recommendations – Daddies friend and some guy who was probably trying to jump her.

        • LesleyNZ


    • LesleyNZ

      Can’t you use any other language (other than revolting words to go with your name) to describe Len Brown? Try…………..

      • Tom

        But but but he IS a fucking cunt!

  • johnbronkhorst

    Using what would be my new favourite expression…Leopard/spots??? You expected different?

  • chopsuey

    Why the fuck do they need to go overseas? or leave Auckland at all?

    • Mr_Blobby

      You don’t, that’s the point.

  • cows4me

    Who said pigs can’t fly.

  • johnbronkhorst

    I wonder how much extra water storage this would have paid for? During a drought say, should we ever have one of those.

  • Whafe

    Are we surprised? didn’t think so…

    Lying Len is a reckless leader whom has no leadership qualities what so ever…

    The man makes me and most of New Zealand sick

  • Phar Lap

    Sounds like a wake up, or back off call to the greater Wellington area.Leave things as they are don’t amalgamate other councils,forget duplicating the legal theft of Ratepayers money,by way of massive featherbedding of pig trough suckers in one massive council accountable and responsible to no one ,other than tame little Ratepayers.

    • SJ00

      Amalgamation makes sense, flying all over the world to suck on the tit does not. Perks like this have to stop, get on google and read what other places are doing, don’t fly there to get a VIP tour. Do the basics, lower rates and keep people happy.

  • BJ

    Obviously Auckland City haven’t heard of video conferencing, Skype and Google Earth

    • Mr_Blobby

      Of course they have, how else would they know that the want to go there.

    • Tom

      None of these get you room service and airpoints

      • Gazzaw

        None of these should get loyalty points. First step is to stop any airpoints being accrued for personal use as the higher the airfare the more points are accrued and the cheaper the annual family holiday in Fiji. The incentive is there to book the most expensive fare level. Council staff are to travel on the cheapest available fare (often no airpoints on offer but too bad) with accommodation booked thru Wotif or similar (again no loyalty points).

  • Patrick

    I thought the Super City boundaries extended as far north as Rodney & as far south as Franklin. I cannot see why there would be any airfares involved in travelling within the Super City. Why would local government politicians have a need to travel overseas, after all their responsibilities should be core services within the Super City.

  • Bob

    The worst of it is we paid 10 million and all the buggers came back!!!

  • SJ00

    I’m not even from Auckland and I feel sorry for the ratepayers up there. Why they need to fly anywhere is beyond me, one would expect a high fleet/petrol bill but not airfares. Who gives a fuck what some shitty city half way across the world is doing? Pick up the rubbish, make the sewer lines work, do the normal things that a council should do and pull your head out of arse and stop trying to come up with ways to spend other peoples money on your looney ideas.

  • LesleyNZ

    And in the meantime over the Harbour Bridge and out in the suburbs Watercare are attending to another burst mains water pipe – the third in the same area in the past 7 days. The mains water pipe (over 35 years old) is deteriorating because it is made of steel that rusts and cracks (especially with the ground drying out this summer) – time for replacement but when will that happen? A lot of these millions could have gone towards this kind of infrastructure. I mean we pay over the top for our water – the delivery and quality should also be over the top.

  • parorchestia

    Bloody incredible! What a fool he is. How about a law to restrict rate increases to increases in the CPI? Even then council staff wages and council honoraria could have a claw back rate of pay so that any increase at all results in wage penalties. We need to control the b*gg*rs

  • JeffDaRef

    It would be cheaper if Len bought us all a flight to go and live in a city he wasnt mayor of!!!