Lesson from WA, same applies to Labour here

There are many lessons from the WA election at the weekend that apply to New Zealand. This lesson applies to Labour here. Labor got hammered in the WA election. A former Labor MP, now independent, explains why.

The result is that the party has now probably lost everything in the region; the message they just don’t get is that carving seats up based on union heavies personal whims, factional membership and the sex of the candidate is a bad idea.

Another bad Labor idea is recycling old pollies – it almost never works.

This election has put Labor in a very bad place and the light on the hill that Ben Chifley spoke of, if not quite extinguished, it certainly has the dimmer on low.

There are lessons for Len Brown too. Labor campaigned on a new expensive, gold plated, rail line to the airport…voter simply didn’t like their grandiose spending plans.

The Metronet rail network is the centrepiece of Labor’s plan to snatch an unlikely victory over Premier Colin Barnett at next Saturday’s election.

It involves building rail lines to connect Perth’s suburbs in a bid to ease congestion.

Last month, Mr Buswell released documents from the Public Transport Authority which put the cost of Metronet at about $6.4bn. He stood by the estimate today, saying the Treasury costings had not included a $1.2bn section of rail between Bayswater and the CBD.

Mr Buswell said a $5.2bn injection into Perth’s rail system was not warranted. “It’s a lot of money,” he said. “I don’t think you can justify that investment.”

As we now know Labor bombed, and the Liberals increased their majority.


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  • Macca

    The best thing that can happen for National is that Labour just keeps on keep’n on doing exactly what its doing now!

    Rudder-less leadership, no policies (gay bill and stat days off…wow), heavy union influence, anti partial asset sales, missing the bus on public opinion, negative to a man – the hits just keep on coming!

  • johnbronkhorst

    Then you have shearer this morning, on TV3, saying…It is unacceptable that debt collectors are retrieving the amount OVER paid to teachers. and asked, should those that were under paid by novopay get debt collectors to go to the MEd.
    1st mr shearer…those teachers over paid…KNEW IT they owe it back, spending it is THEFT.
    2nd Teachers may have been under paid by novopay but the difference was made up via claims from admin staff. So they weren’t UNDER paid were they…no lies now!!!!
    The only one to feel sorry for in this mess are the admin staff that have to sort it out.

    • AnonWgtn

      Debt collectors have been withdrawn.
      Minister not advised of this – although done by previous teacher pay supplier where nedded.
      However some of the teachers on Facebook should STFU in cheering that the are not going to pay back overpayments until chased.

  • Gulag

    Labor also lied and slandered WA premier Colin Barnet and the voters saw through it..

  • johnbronkhorst

    Did I hear correctly? 10000 signatures already ruled invalid, after 1 day, from their anti asset sales petition.

    • geoff3012

      I signed it over 20 times as did most of my mates….I bet they find a huge amount of multiple/bullshit sign ups!

  • cows4me

    There was an interesting piece on Stossel ( Fox ) about how state owned transport systems (rail) the world over lose money, even the NY subway system is subsidised despite the millions that use it every week. It is claimed by state authorities that the subway is a vital service that must have continuous amounts of taxpayer funds for it’s operation and continued growth. Of course it’s all a lie. The original subways in NY were built and owned by several private companies, all making a profit and this includes building new infrastructure. About 80? years ago these private operators wanted to raise the ticket price to 5c a trip, the public outcry prompted the state government to buy out the private companies, since then the price for a ticket has risen year after year but the subways can’t break even. Government can’t and shouldn’t run transport because it becomes an organism that answers to no one and can’t survive without unlimited funding.

    • Solidarity

      …because they operate in a “sheltered monopoly” type environment and crammed full of lazy, militant unionists… Who only help with increased productivity of course…

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Nasty Tories – Sheep is onto a winner here. I told you about Sheep’s stance on Asset Sales and his buy back strategy. Here you go bros!!

    “Labour leader David Shearer won’t rule out supporting Winston Peters’ policy of buying back Mighty River Power shares at cost if they form the next Government.: – NZ Herald 13/03/2013”

    Our internal Labour party research shows that this is a vote winner and with Winnie’s support Sheep will make this happen. You guys are doomed.

    • johnbronkhorst

      Winnies support is the boat anchor to drag them to the bottom with!!!

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        This Sh(ee)ip never sinks :-)

  • cheryl

    and what does that mean if the ones that do have shares don’t want to sell do they just up and take them back? The overpaid teachers should have known about the overpayment and paid it back not whinge and cry to the union that they are trying to regain money that wasnt theirs in the first place

  • Patrick

    WA Labour completely mishandled the election, at a time where even in WA belts are being tightened they announced huge spending initiatives. The metronet plan included a railway to the airport, except it never terminated at the airport you had to catch a bus for the final leg. Imagine Auckland, airport train stops at Manukau City & you have to catch a bus – WTF? Elizabeth Quay is a massive excavation to turn part of the river waterfront into a marina, shops restaurants, high rise offices etc, this is well underway & Labour proposed to cancel it & fill it all in again – that was clearly to save money so they could spend it on their pet projects. Labour in WA are like Labour everywhere, unorganised commie unionists intent on spending everyone elses money to create their fairer society – they got what they deserved & no more. Hopefully Gillard will get the same come federal election time.