Let’s chuck another bit of fuel on the Marriage Equality fire: Transgender marriage

Channel 2 screencap

Channel 2 screencap

Michal Shmulovich at The Times of Israel reports

For the first time, a man and a transgender woman were married under a huppa in Israel this week. The couple, a blonde-bombshell and her husband, whose identity was not revealed, walked down the aisle to the cheers and tears of their friends and family, and with a Channel 2 television crew in tow.

Bride Arizona wore a white dress, or, rather, a light pink one. “It’s the same one Jennifer Lopez wore to the Oscars… This is a special wedding, there are no rules here!” she said, showing off in front of the camera crew, hours before the big moment.

It has taken Arizona a decent bit of commitment to get to the altar as a woman  

Arizona was born as Erez, one of four siblings, into a traditional Jewish family. The process of becoming Arizona included hormone treatments, breast implants, and numerous surgeries, all to get that glam feminine look. “I want to be Hollywood,” she said at the salon she runs near Tel Aviv.

“Every man that likes transgenders would have loved to stand in his [her husband’s] shoes, but not everyone has the courage to do it,” she said.

Her previous boyfriend, whom she was with for eight happy years, ultimately couldn’t deal with her desire to become a woman, and left her. That was when despair hit, Arizona said, when she felt she’d never find love again.

She had men chasing her, men who told her they were crazy about her, but who wouldn’t even meet her in public for a cup of coffee. One of her friends talked to Channel 2 about the illicit world of transgender individuals, and the high numbers of men who prostitute them for sex.

But the man under the huppa, her husband, was different; married with three children prior to their relationship, he came through for her, she said.

She does like the lime light, our Arizona

At the ceremony, TV personality Avri Gilad officiated and called Arizona’s wedding a breakthrough. “Each woman deserves to smile at her wedding, and deserves to wear white,” he said, chuckling, “or pink.”

During the couple’s vows, Gilad asked Arizona, “Will you always make him feel like a man, during the day and at night?”

Yes, she answered.  …

Although Arizona’s father wouldn’t attend the ceremony, her mother, as well as her Orthodox sisters, did. Meanwhile, the husband’s family said they still didn’t understand his decision.

Arizona said she was happy to go public with her relationship in front of the whole country. “It’s not like it’s only permissible for gays and lesbians to marry,” she said.

As for the couple’s future plans? She said she’s “a million percent certain” they’ll have kids

A million percent.  I wonder what the adoption laws in Israel are?

Would you stop this couple from getting married?


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  • maninblack

    Great news is she could help with lifting around the house.

    • I’d expect her to kill her own damn spiders.

      • Jack The Ladd

        ….and bait her own fucking hooks.

  • cows4me

    “Would you stop this couple from getting married”. No, but at least they have worked it out that a marriage is between a man and a woman, even if the woman isn’t a stock standard model.

    • Andrei

      He is not a woman cows, he is a heavily mutilated male

      • grumpy

        True, but at least he gets to look at her while shagging, and for an ex bloke it’s passable.
        Nothing wrong with this. He is now a she and marriage is between an he and a she. Should be required for poofter weddings, they could toss up who gets the cut and tuck.

      • cows4me

        I know Andrei but you have to give them points for tying to get it right.

  • Pete George

    It was pointed out to me a while ago how transgenders have special issues with a lack of marriage equality:

    When a person who changes their gender to that of the opposite
    gender i.e. male to female or female to male, they have the legal right
    to make changes to all public records, to change their birth
    certificate, in order to reflect their chosen gender identity.

    That’s fine if they’re not married.

    Under the present law when one party to a legal marriage changes
    their gender identity, the state requires that before the transitioning
    partner can achieve true legal gender identity status, the marriage is

    In other words, they are forced to divorce to be able to change their gender status legally. The marriage equality bill would correct this anomaly.

    Marriage equality especially important for transgender people

  • Agent BallSack

    The husband seems reluctant to declare his love to the world..

  • steve and monique

    As long as they are happy together,then good luck to them.And at least they can both be daddy when it suits.

  • Bunswalla

    My Thai girlfriend said that a small penis is OK in a loving relationship.

    But I still wish she didn’t have one.

  • BR

    There is no such thing as “transgender”. Every cell in a man’s body is male, and every cell in a woman’s body is female.


    • unsol

      Every cell? That is a big call to make billy.

  • unsol

    Short answer: nope.