Let’s see how far the sanctimony stretches

“The MPs from NZ First, Labour, and the Greens have all pledged not to buy Mighty River Power shares to demonstrate their opposition to the sale.”

All very well, but let’s see how far the sanctimonious behaviour stretches.

Will they be moving their funds from their current KiwiSaver provider, if their KiwiSaver provider does the rational and intelligent thing by buying a stake in Mighty River Power?

Let’s remember the fuss the Greens have raised about the NZ Super Fund and ethical investing.

It would be nothing but hypocrisy for them to profit from Mighty River Power through investing in a subsidised fund, using a taxpayer subsidised Kiwisaver scheme for them to buy state owned assets. 

And remember – it’s not just a short investment they can easily laugh off as a quick inconvenience – Kiwisaver is for people’s retirement, and Mighty River Power is the sort of company a KiwiSaver provider would hold for the long term.

So then – are you Labour, Green and NZ Firsters going to stop funding your Kiwisaver accounts or move your money away?

On the flip side though, i can see Fairfax and the Herald running lines in a  few months that government ministers don;t believe in their own policy as they aren’t investing in the share floats. Such is the duplicity of the media and the opposition parties these days.


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  • Phar Lap

    Norman the Aussie commie on steroids would buy them.He is such a sneaky slippery bastard. it was alleged he sent out the sign wreckers at the last election,then when caught put on his two faced bastard face,”WHO ME”.His secretary took the rap and blamed it on her activist greenie. bed mate ,how convenient.He was also caught running a secret rent trust with taxpayers money,and using the proceeds to buy houses to house his great unwashed shit stirrers,who sit in Parliament unelected but sucking $200K a year.He definitely would buy shares in anything to turn a buck,with his controversial track record.

  • GregM

    Politicians may not be allowed to purchase shares because of “insider trading” rules, not sure on this. Any share brokers / registrars reading who can give us a heads up ?

  • Gazzaw

    There’s no way Opposition MPs will bail out of their Kiwisavers if the providers buy MRP shares. I’ll go further and suggest that there are plenty who will buy shares either in their own right or via family members or trusts. When confronted they will use the excuse that they were only doing their bit to keep MRP in Kiwi ownership – hypocrites!

  • Steve R

    Short answer. We all know one of them will crack. It my not be directly but someone’s family trust will ” accidentally ” buy shares.
    Them we will hear the standard ” I had no knowledge of this ”

  • Patrick

    Typical champagne socialists, they send their kids to private schools
    but bleat on about the state education system being amoungst the best
    in the world, they rail against rich pricks but own investment
    properties & rort the taxpayer with their expenses & overseas
    holidays. They go on about how good the public health service is but go
    private themselves. They talk about fairness but gerrymander the votes
    so minorities get a disproportionate share of power. They exist in a
    democratic system but their beliefs & aims are communist. They
    campaign against big business & corrupt corporates but accept money
    from the same corporates. Their Green movements are corrupt big
    capitalist businesses, their backers like Greenpeace are corrupt liars
    manipulating the media to expouse their commie beliefs. They believe it
    is ok for them to break the law in the name of politics but they are the
    first to whine to the police if they feel they have been impinged in
    any way.
    Rotten to the core, they should be stamped out.

  • David Shearer won’t remember a thing.