Lianne Dalziel should run for Mayor

Lianne Dalziel

Lianne Dalziel

Across at David Farrar’s pinko blog Lianne Dalziel says she has a 1% chance of running for Mayor of Christchurch.

The silly infighting in the Christchurch City Council has been and continues to be bad for Christchurch. The continued appointment of a highly controversial chief executive means that Christchurch did not reflect well on the council, and has caused more problems than it was worth. Having the current mayor called a clown by the Earthquake Recovery minister didn’t help either.

Christchurch needs a new mayor, and new faces around the council table. It needs someone who can build a large team and a good rapport with everyone in Christchurch, rather than lording it from the Executive suite.

Lianne has a had a very successful career as a politician in Christchurch over a long period of time. This reputation has to be earned, and Lianne has earned it. She is well liked and well-respected in her electorate, and wins a massive number of votes from people who vote National. She works exceptionally hard, and always has time for her constituents. She has cross over appeal because she is a genuine person who is not afraid of hard work, and because she believes in building broad coalitions, not a dictatorship. 

Less well-known is Lianne’s quiet bipartisanship. Behind the scenes Lianne has always been willing to deal with anyone, no matter what their political persuasion. I know of a lot of senior business people who should be National voters that vote for Lianne, because when she was a minister she was able to stop some of the excesses of the left getting too out of hand.

On the ground she is known to be a fair woman who doesn’t go negative as her first option. Equally as importantly she has the links to the right to be able to discretely ask them to stop things that are getting out of hand.

Lianne may be on a different side of the political spectrum from me, and she may have had a few lapses in a long career that people may hold against her. This doesn’t stop me from thinking that Lianne would make a good Mayor even if we are from opposite sides of the ideological spectrum….even if she once tried unsuccessfully to sue me.


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  • Mr_V4

    Is this another one of your satire pieces?

    Last time we heard from her she was in the paper whinging that the govt wasn’t paying her enough for her eq. damaged house and slagging off ad homs about Gerry Brownlee.

    This is “quiet bipartisanship”?

  • Anonymouse Coward

    Lets ask Megan if she would endorse Lianne.

    Who’s Megan you ask? She is the invisible fellow Labour MP from Christchurch who was promoted in Sheep’s spokesperson reshuffle to a ranking position while Lianne was sent into the wilderness.

    • David

      No, Megan Wood would not endorse Lianne, but that is a good thing. Communist Wood is useless and how she was promoted over Dalziel is mindboggling.

      • Anonymouse Coward

        Come now David you are asking me to think a professional historian believes communism is a valid economic and political philosophy.

  • Patrick

    Lianne has a had a very successful career as a politician??

    Sorry are you basing that on “time in the saddle” or actual achievements?

  • David

    I agree with you Cameron. I believe Lianne Dalziel would make a good mayor, better than Parker anyway, and I think she should stand. She has been shafted by the Labour party and owes them no loyalty. The city cannot afford another term with the incompetent and arrogant CEO Marryatt and his puppet Bob Parker in charge. It is time for a clean out and Dalziel is one of the few who would have a chance of unseating Parker.