Liberal Elite Bludgers always have their hand out

All over the world cities are paying for liberal elite hobbies and the players in those hobbies are little more than liberal elite bludgers…like the musicians of symphony and philharmonic orchestras:

The musicians say that to retain the most talented players, they must be compensated as well as their peers in the country’s top orchestras. Base pay for musicians in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the Los Angeles Philharmonic is slightly higher than base pay for San Francisco Symphony musicians. San Francisco Symphony musicians earn an average annual salary of $165,000, with a minimum salary of $141,700, Theil said. The union has said management was out to freeze musicians’ wages. 

All of these liberal elite bludger industries need to be put on a purely commercial footing, there is no valid reason as to why they should enjoy taxpayer subsidies for tooting on obsolete instruments, playing obscure and irrelevant music written by long dead Germans or Russians.


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  • Magoo

    NZSO members start on around $40K with a top pay rate of around $80.

    I’d much rather my tax money was spent on them than NZ’s pop music bludgers who’ve probably been on a benefit since the day they left school and continue to do so. I wonder how much these supposedly self sufficient pop musos cost when their benefits and their CreativeNZ, NZOnAir, etc. grants are factored in. At least the NZSO players know how to play their instruments and the music they play was by people who knew how to write music, not some ignorant hack wanna be pop star who thinks a cello is called a ‘big violin’.

  • Mediaan

    We need formal intellectual music to help develop our brains, sorry.