Life in prison for having extreme fantasies?


The New York Cannibal Cop has been convicted on both counts:  Illegally accessing a police database to research his potential victims, and conspiracy to kidnap, rape, torture, cook and eat his victims.

The problem is, (former) New York police officer Gilberto Valle has never been charged or convicted of anything previously.

By keeping a detailed diary of his extreme fantasy life, and by discussing such fantasies with fellow ‘enthusiasts’ online, a jury has decided this constituted sufficient evidence of a real, concrete conspiracy to commit these crimes.  As far as they are concerned, Valle was stopped before he could commit the crimes he was planning.

Most experts and close observers were stunned by this verdict.  In spite of making a detailed list of materials to use to carry out any of the plans, none of these were ever purchased or found in his home.  It appears that, at least up to the point where Valle was arrested, all of it happened in his head.

So here is the dilemma – will they send a man to prison, potentially for life, for a thought crime?



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  • Frank Black

    Since he never ate anybody, does that still make him a “cannibal”

  • You can be prosecuted, fined and imprisoned in New Zealand for writing a private letter or email to another consenting adult describing fantasies with that person that are deemed objectionable (even though they are legal to carry out in real life). It has happened, as a woman who had a business writing explicit letters to men who wanted them got prosecuted about 10 years ago. Censorship law in New Zealand does include thought crimes.

    I pointed this out to Silent T in a Select Committee years ago, and he was uninterested. You see it IS legal in the US to keep a diary of detailed fantasies, as long as they are not treated as a planning tool for real, illegal ones.

  • Agent BallSack

    Nothing surprises me from the USA where its legal for a man to fuck a horse but not another man.

    • unsol


      • Agent BallSack

        Zoophilia is legal in the following states:

        ALASKA, ARIZONA, COLORADO, Connecticut, FLORIDA, Hawaii, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, MISSOURI, NEBRASKA, Nevada, New Hampshire, New jersey, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, South Dakota, TEXAS, Vermont, WASHINGTON (The ever green state not DC), West Virginia and Wyoming.

        • unsol

          Oh my! Only in America.., well not quite. Hilarious given they think they are the world’s moral compass. Yuck.

  • tarkwin

    I might pop round and console his missus on those cold lonely nights while he’s away. The way I’m going I’ll probably end up in the cell next door.

  • Mr_Blobby

    What are you Muppets on about we are better than that. Commit an actual crime in New Zealand and you have to beg and plead to go to prison.

  • Random66

    What he should have done is written his ‘fantasies’ down in the form of a fictional manuscript for either a book or movie, surely creative licience would have let him get away with about anything then. Infact he could even have purchased ‘props’ for research.

    • unsol

      Nicely put. No doubt that is why e.l James & Stephen king decided to become authors. Anyone with that kind of tripe in their head is definitely in need of a permanent bed at their local psyc unit!

      • Random66

        ha, true. Tarantino came to my mind when pondering this line of thought.

        • unsol

          Ohh I forgot about him. I find it amazing how people can find such questionable content ok just because it is popular, that they overload pornographic or violent content & just call it edgy. And men in particular seem to be particularly spineless – even if they don’t go & deliberate choose to watch something they will always watch it if it is on. This includes some of the content in tv shows that are free to air. On a side note, really hate that trashy programs with an overload of adult content are considered g & are on at dinner time or such programs are advertised during say tv1’s breakfast (e.g ads for criminal minds etc – not ok for a 7 year old to see at all!). Anyway!!! Rant over :)

  • Dion

    Only problem with that theory is that he searched a police database to find out where the subjects of his “fantasies” were living.

    That tells me he wasn’t just writing a diary – he was after a meal.

  • thehawkreturns

    With a missus like that I’d want to eat out.