Little French Rooster in a spot of bother for allegedly ripping off an rich old granny

Sarko is in a spot of bother and it isn’t looking good for the dodgy little cheese eating surrender monkey:

Former President Nicolas Sarkozy fought back hard on Friday through his lawyer and his political allies after he was formally placed under investigation on charges of exploiting the frailty of France’s richest woman to secure financing for his 2007 campaign.

The announcement late Thursday night by the investigative judge in the case created political shock waves, because it appeared to undermine the possibility of Mr. Sarkozy’s return to political life after narrowly losing the presidency, and with it his immunity from prosecution, last May. 

His friends and allies in his center-right party, the Union for a Popular Movement, mounted an angry media offensive on Friday, accusing the investigative judge in Bordeaux, Jean-Michel Gentil, of a politically motivated decision, pointing out that he had acted just days after the Socialist president, François Hollande, unpopular in the polls, was embarrassed by the resignation of his budget minister.

Mr. Sarkozy, 58, has been floating the idea of a return to politics at the head of his divided party and a possible challenge to Mr. Hollande in 2017.

“This is completely slanderous,” Claude Guéant, an interior minister and presidential chief of staff under Mr. Sarkozy, told the television station i-Télé. “Who can imagine that Nicolas Sarkozy exploited the weakened state of an elderly woman to extract money from her?”


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  • peterwn

    The mind boggles – Gina Rinehart ripped off by Julia Gillard for example.