Logic was never the Left’s strong suit

logic101Ok, so don’t sell the assets because we need to keep our assets NZ owned.  Got it.

49% of Mighty River Power is now for sale.  Right.

Green Taliban and Labour MPs and their voters can now buy the shares, thus keeping them NZ owned.

With me so far?

They say they won’t buy any shares.



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  • CJA

    Anyone willing to take a bet that at least one dumb arse MP from the opposition (I count everyone not from National in this) will? The key being that I bet it won’t be them directly they will do it through one of their trusts or another entity would be my bet. It wills obvious but it will happen.

    • Grizz30

      Most kiwisaver fund providers will purchase a quantity and it is likely the NZ superfund will invest in the power companies. As MRP is largely renewable energy there should be little disincentive for those “socially responsible” green funds the Green MPs talk up to get involved as well.

      Consequently, I suspect most opposition MPs will have some interest in the MRP share float.

  • AnonWgtn

    It is pity no Labour or Greenpeace MPs have Kiwisaver – because they should get out asap as the largest holders of Mighty River Power will be Kiwisaver.

  • unitedtribes

    I think National will come out smelling of roses with the asset sale program and will be a great reward for sticking to their guns and ignoring the shit fom Shearer and co.