London gets a Gay Grand Prix

These cars should really be called Formula G…G for Gay. They sound like big gay slot cars. A travesty.

Eco-friendly electric race cars could compete on the streets of London next year after the capital was included on a provisional calendar for the inaugural Formula E season.

Sanctioned by the FIA, the Formula E series is designed to showcase advances in eco-friendly high-performance cars. Ten hosts cities have today been named by the FIA, with London being joined by Rome, Los Angeles, Miami, Beijing, Putrajaya, Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson said: “Zero emission world-class motor racing is a scintillating concept and I am hugely keen that London be involved in the birth of Formula E.

“It has the potential to highlight the impressive strides being made in the manufacture of electric vehicles and hosting a street race could also be of considerable benefit to our city.”

Formula E also revealed that it has received interest in hosting street races from 23 cities in total. It is hoping to add two more rounds to the 2014 schedule ahead of having to submit a final calendar to the FIA for approval at the World Motor Sport Council in September.

Alejandro Agag, CEO of promoter Formula E Holdings said: “We are thankful to all the cities that have expressed their willingness to host our races.


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  • There is a documentary called Charge on Sky Sport 3, 7:30 Wednesday night, about the Isle of Man TTXGP – a race for all-electric motorcycles. Looks freaking fast, plus people almost get electrocuted. Fun.

  • Steve R

    This will be just like that a1gp bullshit. It will inflict 2nd rate racing on the world till the governments and councils work out how much thier losing. Just like hamiltown.

  • thehawkreturns

    But the cars are NOT likely to be “zero emission” very often are they? Unless they are charged directly from a solar cell or a windmill (or even a water mill or nuclear power station). If they take energy from the grid in most countries they will be using a carbon based fuel source. In New Zealand the power would be around 27% hydrocarbon.
    In Boris’s London over 90% of the car’s energy would have involved a power station.
    The very best CCGasT power stations run at 60% efficiency with another 6% lost during transmission to end users. So electric cars may be cleaner (thermal efficiency of a modern petrol engine (non racing) around 30%) but unless raced in the following countries are still not “zero-emission”… the list makes interesting reading! Of course, the Formula E circus travelling to all race sites will need to be shipped via electric trucks and sailing ships…. Still, I am sure some developments will be useful from the Formula.
    Albania (100% hydro in 2008).
    Angola (96.45% hydro in 2008)
    Bhutan (99.86% hydro in 2008)
    Burundi (100% hydro in 2008)
    DR Congo (99.46% hydro in 2008)
    Iceland (100% renewable, with 26.27% geothermal in 2009).
    Lesotho (100% hydro in 2008)
    Mozambique (99.87% hydro in 2008)
    Nepal (99.67% hydro in 2008)
    Norway (97.11% renewable, including 0.93% non hydro in 2009)
    Paraguay (100.00% hydro in 2008), exporting 90% of generated electricity (54.91 TWh in 2008)
    Tajikistan (98.25% hydro in 2008)
    Zambia (99.69% hydro in 2008)

  • Travis Poulson

    Big gay slot cars? No, gays don’t like slots. They like big bore exhaust pipes. Amirite?