Marmageddon almost over, for you…I’ve got mine already

I got home tonight and there was courier package at the front door.

Inside was this package:



And inside that was 5 jars of black gold….which will apparently be in stores next week… 

Marmite - Black Gold


For those who have made it this far down the page…send me a Marmite poem or something to do with Marmite and Whaleoil and the best will have a jar sent to you.


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  • Michael


  • mick le prick

    Our magic breakfast oil
    Got trucked to Whailoil
    he has 5 jars so lets not let it spoil
    Some out there think its the oil
    That you heat on tin foil

  • No thanks. In the case I prefer to be the 99%

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    I am thinking this is all John Key’s fault that we were without Marmite for so long?!?!

  • Jerkear

    The black gold is near
    Which reminds me of a queer
    He made his name on the set
    Never once made a lady wet
    When it was plentiful and not sparse
    He shoved the jar up his arse.
    Read this and hopefully share
    By now you’ve guessed it was Peter Sinclair

  • Jack The Ladd

    Mar might, but Whaleoil sure as hell will.

  • Tasha Dalia

    Hey Marmite.
    why all the fuss
    why does honey not get any attention
    what about the other spreads havent they had their share
    at providing for the population
    come on now
    I know the shelfs empty. now theres a loss in our tums
    we always want what we havent got.
    but when we had the gold on our shelves
    we did want it in our trolleys
    because peanut butter
    was for the nutters.
    jam was for the sweet tooth
    Marmite was just Marmite.

  • unsol

    Oh wow, being contentious pays off eh….special treatment from the 7th day adventists. Good for you. Clearly they can still respect those with opposing views (assuming of course they are not fans of Louisa Wall’s Bill).

    I think mick’s poem’s the best I think but Sir Cullen’s is the best comment :)

    Btw, for those who are diehard marmite fans, did any of you convert to vegemite? We didn’t – Aussie tar just doesn’t compare NZ black gold! Looking forward to next week!!!

  • fozzie2

    Was a marmite fan , but after all the silly protectionist stunts Sanitarium has pulled over the past year – my family and friends are now are now 100% Promite fans !!

    • So you don’t believe in protecting your intellectual property? People can noe feel free to nick yours, and when you complain they can reply that you are just being a silly protectionist. Those people were stealing, plain and simple.

  • My wife went a marmite looking
    Found none for our toast and cooking
    There’s some on whaleoil
    (That great leftie foil)
    With a prize like that I’ll get some fooking

  • Bunswalla

    Roses are red, marmite’s disgisting
    If you send me a jar, your chook needs a fisting

  • Bunswalla

    A young man who’s not very bright
    Said I think I will try some marmite
    But up like a comet
    Came some slimy black vomit
    My God! it tastes just like shite

    Do I win?

  • Never in the dark…..

    Been eating real Marmite all along, not that Sanitarium rubbish.