Matthew Ridge clearly shown to be smoking in this eye witness photo

NZ Herald

NZ Herald


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  • johnbronkhorst

    Has Mathew got shorter? Or is it me?

  • Patrick

    Mathew Ridge is a nobody twat. Just like an amoeba he would need to have a brain to suffer nerve damage.

  • Jimmie

    Come on WO I recognised his finger print whorls straight away.

    Nothing like a good finger print hit to prove something eh?

  • Mr_Blobby

    Has been just about everything. Failed husband,failed business man, spanked by two minimum wage security guards who weren’t prepared to put up with his retarded behavior

    Hope the security got a bonus for having to take out the trash..

  • Bunswalla

    The photo clearly proves he in fact did put the cigarette out. Yet another heavy-handed over-reaction from bully boy thugs. No doubt John Key’s behind it all, again.

  • I recognise the bouncer’s fingers… always thought Ridgey was a fag!

  • gee. nice close up. very well lit pub too.