McCready pleads guilty to blackmail

Graham McCready, serial litigant, fantasist and convicted tax fraudster has plead guilty to blackmail.

Our dear friend, Lord of all [email protected], Graham McCready, has saved the court the tiresome burden of examining his difficult and complicated court case by pleading guilty to blackmail in the court yesterday. It has taken almost a year and as recently as two days ago he was sending emails to media proclaiming his innocence. The victim in this case currently has interim name suppression and well they should because otherwise the blackmailer wins.

He has also bizarrely claimed that somehow I have breached name suppression in this case, which I have not, being very careful to ensure I haven’t. He even went as far as laying a complaint with the Solicitor-General, just more vexatious activity from a psychopath wrapped up in his own bizarre little world.

No doubt the thought of porridge motivated him to acknowledge his guilt in the hope of remaining free. The judge will probably give him some sort of gentle custodian sentence, instead of the tougher sentence that tax and blackmail crook deserves.

Let’s note for the record that he’s previously plead guilty to tax fraud, and now blackmail. Lets also note he has brought a private prosecution against Ducky, and a failed prosecution against Banksie (though McCready is trying again, reputedly). He’s even made a pest of himself in Parliament trying to serve Judith Collins and other high-ranking judicial figures.

The judge should lock him up, or if the judge is intent on the wet bus ticket, do it in concert with some kind of legal restraining or vexatious litigant order to prevent more [email protected] in the future.


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  • Good Lord! This bloke makes Penny Bright look sane by comparison, which is really saying something!!!

  • The Judge should take his Internet away. That would hurt him.

  • Phar Lap

    Sadly if he comes up against Judge Cunningham,he might be given the winning lotto numbers for the next draw.She and McCready live in a world of its only make believe,or is it living in the cuckoos nest.

  • JeffDaRef

    Fuckwittery – an early contender for “Word of the Year”!

    I’m going to try to use it at least 6 times in conversation today…

    • Hazards001

      You should try working with some of my people…you would have no problems filling your quota :-)

      • JeffDaRef

        Which Govt department, or union, or council would that be then? ;-)

        • Hazards001

          I’m a civil contractor, private business. Deal with all them.