Millie Elder / Paul Holmes tattoo update

For our Millie Elder fans, I ran a post about her tattoo yesterday.

Via the Tipline, we now have the finished work





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  • Michael

    love or hate tattoos, you can certainly see/appreciate the skill the artist has when they do portraits. Nice work.

    • True. But wouldn’t be a turnoff seeing her Dad looking at you every time you were about to get down to it?

      • Michael

        I really don’t think it’s good form to sexualise Millie’s method of mourning and dealing with her loss/pain.

        However, Paul’s face is close to her knee, if you are there instead of where you hope to be, you need some better directions.

        • Bunswalla

          If you think that’s her knee, which isn’t even in the shot, you need to read some anatomy books, and perhaps look at a couple of pictures.

          • Ronnie Chow

            Top right-hand corner , using FBI enhancement software , the afro finishes .

          • Michael

            haha, tattoo starts are the top of the knee, it’s pretty obvious.

          • Bunswalla

            Using Ronnie’s FBI-supplied laser mass-spectrometer measurement techniques, i can prove that the wart on Paul’s nose is closer to her minge than her knee.

          • Ronnie Chow

            Right up there by Crutch Cargo ,(smelly?) , Bunswalla . With a couple of operations , Millie could make it up to the Nicky Watson range of complete and utter , nutter , other type of muffheads .(Dickheads for Woaen) I won’t correct that spelling mistake ,Woaen sounds better .

            NZ is so small and limited by it’s fucking stupid product purchasing TV audience that Watson was actually featured for a while .

            Wait for the millie makeover , and cringe .

          • Ronnie Chow

            If you’re thick.

  • Cadwallader

    I think Millie is a tacky little bitch. My recollection is that due to her addictive personality she wasn’t much of a blessing to Mr Holmes before his death.

    • JeffDaRef

      thats pretty unfair mate – Holmes referred a number of times before he went how glad he was they had made their peace. and despite all the shit they went through its clear they still had a deep love for one another. i dont care much for her but i respect her for fighting her way back from the brink – with the support of a strong family around her.

      • Cadwallader

        So: Atonement fixes everything? Will this principle be applied to the Catholic church should it continue to shield child-molestors? Did she
        fight” her way back or can we not permit the trained professionals who aided her some gratitude?

        • JeffDaRef

          Theres a lot worse people than Millie Holmes in the world – i cant recall an announcement that you’d been appointed judge and jury over everyone in the world who has ever fucked up.
          She got mixed up in petty drug crime, not child molesting – that sort of hysteria makes you sound like Russell Norman. Yep she had help, but she had to choose to accept it and make it work – many dont.
          She went through the justice system for her “crimes” and took her medicine, other than that she was accountable only to her family, not to you or I.

          • Ronnie Chow

            What’s worse than vapid ?.

        • Bunswalla

          Yes, don’t you get the idea of the confessional? Do whatever the fuck you like, bugger boys, support the nazis, collaborate with despicable dictators – no worries. Just turn up to the confessional, spill your guts, nek minute – all better!

          BONUS: The priest you confessed to isn’t allowed to tell anyone.

          • Ronnie Chow

            That’s a bit acerbic , Bunswalla . But , you do have a point .

            Let’s rewind the tape , to before this adulation in Celestial Beings .

            Talk to the sky , on a clear night . There is your God .

            Your own voice .

            The Catholic Church will self destruct in a paroxysm of paedophile , homosexual , necrotic maggots

        • Mostly_Harmless

          She fought her way back, with help from other people. What’s your point?

          • Cadwallader

            My point is precisely this: If she is some form of newborn hero for apparently “fighting her way back” what sort of a hero was she when she chose her shit drug induced life? An even greater hero? Just because someone can regain an earlier position in life (privileged or otherwise) does not make them a hero. They may well feel better about themselves…so what?

          • Ronnie Chow

            His point was also that Millie is a hillbilly grunge cracker which no amount of renewal bar giant silicon tits will be able keep her up in the NZ Kardashian league unless she leaks a sex video , with Paul in a supporting role .

      • BJ

        What one says publicly will always be a measured response when one is dying.

        What I don’t understand is how a 23 yr old can’t see that in the not too distant future she may well regret covering her whole back in stylized words and her whole thigh in an image – of her father. I understand it is her business but she has made a public display – just another form of attention seeking thats just not drugs this time.

        I imagine one day she will want to get it removed because it would have to be a visual barrier to intimacy – but she have made a promise to herself/him to never remove it in which case, what a dilemma. In the meantime it may well serve as a good chastity belt!

        • grumpy

          The type of dropkick she hangs around with wouldn’t give a shit!

          • Ronnie Chow

            I don’t know mate , they are are some pretty clever guys , working for the Chinese importers .

  • Sponge

    Not that I would (even with your tongue) but imagine going down on that thing and seeing Paul having a fag watching you…

    • Ronnie Chow

      Imagine going down and , having had a few too many , not really , really kind of drifty off , I’m half-arsed and , You didn’t have a shower ? , Well , whaat is this Man and Woman thing ,to oh baby , about , anyway ?

  • PlanetOrphan

    Awesome work, bloody brilliant.

  • tarkwin

    Millie who? Is she one of the hundred who signed a piece of paper a while back?

  • Greg

    WOW WEE, how gives a …..

    • Ronnie Chow

      Greg , I’m sorry , the other day I mus-transposed you with GREGM .

      I apologize . But let me advance , Millie What’s s her fucking name is a hillbilly .

      And Hillbilly’s do as Hillbilly’s does . Not Paul Holmes’ genes .

      All that we can ever ask for is a NZ Data base which lists each single person receiving Government assistance , to be listed on a publicly available viewing platform .

      Fuck Privacy . Show me the sucking hillbillies .

  • fozzie2

    I am disgusted that you Whale continue to hound this girl – she is not seeking any publicity, but getting on with her life !
    Addiction is a disease of the mind just like depression, it is an every day battle. You of all people should be aware of that ! She has just lost her father and mentor – how she chooses to remember him does not warrant the sleazy low minded comments here.

    • Travis Poulson

      Hound her? you idiot.

      • fozzie2

        Yess Travvy – hound her – tr.v. hound·ed, hound·ing, hounds 1. To pursue relentlessly

        • Travis Poulson

          See, I would have though you would have pointed which part of the post that you deemed to be be hounding, but no, epic failure on your part.

          Oh wait, no you’re right. 2nd post on her is definitely a relentless pursuit.

          • fozzie2

            Travvy not the first and probably not the last … was stated on the post yesterday – the most searched person (behind Cam) was Millie – there are some here that have a very unhealthy almost sick interest in her .

          • Travis Poulson

            So? only second post by Cam about her…..hardly hounding. Most of the searches have been since Paul’s death. Again, your stupid idea shot to pieces.

            “I am disgusted that you Whale continue to hound this girl”

            There you go, direct accusation that Cam is hounding her. And a false one at that.

    • Lion_ess

      “she is not seeking publicity” – what would you call it then?

    • Mickrodge

      You sound like that “leave Britney alone” weirdo off youtube fozzie my boy.

      Have a cup of tea & a lie down champ. On the hounding scale this wouldn’t even register.

    • Mark
      • Travis Poulson

        That’s disturbing.

      • Jman

        lol Fozzie’s post made me think the exact same thing

    • Mostly_Harmless

      How is he hounding her? He’s following a story that’s been in the mainstream media.

    • Idiot…she posted it on Facebook…it’s public, also on Instagram…not seeking publicity my arse.

      • A/random/reader

        She posted it for her friends, not for “repeaters” like you – Cameron.

        • Cadwallader

          Are you one of her friends? How else would you know? Were you a friend before her drugs career? During her drugs career? After her drugs career?

          • I agree with A/random/reader She did post it – to her friends. And yes, I am a friend of Millies. She’s an amazing and warm hearted person who made mistakes in her past but realises them and has made changes.

  • YeahBaby

    I know when I’m nailin’ a young hottie I want Paul Holmes watching on and broadcasting it live.

  • Rodger T

    Thats a novel contraceptive device.

  • BJ

    The thing about tattoos on bodies is that they distort over time because of the changing body – I guess Paul will be unrecognisable some time in the future

  • Mr_Blobby

    Stupid is as stupid does.